6 Benefits of Salesforce Community Cloud

Businesses are always looking at ways to better connect with their customers, partners and employees. The people you do business with are more than just labels, they are your community. By creating a working customer/partner community portal, you can extend the rich insights available. If you provide an effective channel for your employees, it will help grow your business. This is where Salesforce Community Cloud can help.


What Is Salesforce Community Cloud?

Salesforce Community Cloud is a social platform where companies can create branded sites to connect customers, partners and employees with each other. It provides all users records and data which allows them to complete their job more efficiently.

With a Salesforce Community Cloud implementation, Community Builder is included, giving users templates for designing and incorporating third-party or custom apps with data integrated from any system. With single sign-on and identity built-in, users have streamlined access to various communities.

Additionally, Community Cloud can be used to collaborate with agencies, suppliers, patients, students, job applicants or anyone in your sector that is crucial to the success of your business.

So why should you use Salesforce Community Cloud? The benefits include:


1. Fast Development 

You can create a portal for your customers and partners in just 30 days. If you wanted to build a portal previously, a programmer would require time to understand the intricacies of each stakeholder to create an application suitable for all. With multi-corporate portals built into the structure, Salesforce Community Cloud takes away the hard work.


2. 24/7 Engagement

Once your portal is developed and deployed, your team has round-the-clock access to generated content and FAQ resources. The portal remains live all day long and remains responsive to customers.


3. Personalised Experiences

With complete customisation available, you can create personalised experiences for everyone connected to your business. Create unique portals that people instantly recognise as your brand. Set up fields to respond to each individual customer behaviour once you become more familiar with your system.


4.  Build Stronger Relationships With Customers

Salesforce is a customer relationship management software designed to stronger relationships, and Community Cloud adds more options for that. Your online hubs can house FAQ tutorials which can be built using the community cloud. Tutorials alongside searchable database or question and answers where customers can interact with other customers in your Org. 

This creates a content-rich hub where users share their own experiences but also find the information useful to them. It’s also possible for customers to gain friendly responses from a forum which a customer rep can access. Suggested answers by other users may also be shown.

5. Mobile Friendly Portals

Just like the rest of Salesforce, Community Cloud is already mobile friendly, meaning orgs don’t have to develop a separate mobile site. Users can access the portal no matter where they are in the world and with any device of their choosing. 

There are still things you must consider to ensure your portal is mobile friendly. You must remember responsive design when considering your branding, user experiences and processes related to your business. By working with a Salesforce partner such as Purus, you can get your portal optimised for mobile use.


6. Integrated Data Closes The Sales Loop

With native integration built with Salesforce with the ability to build your own custom API to link to a backend giving users real-time data from various sources. Salesforce promises a complete 360-degree view of your customers and Community Cloud is part of that complete view. `Provide the best service you can with as much data as possible.

Get started with Salesforce Community Cloud with Purus today, and we can even support you with other Salesforce services such as Service Cloud and Sales Cloud. Contact us today to get your Salesforce implementation.

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