Support Packages

It could be that you are super stacked, need a bit of short term support while you recruit a full-time Administrator, or perhaps your company does not need a full-time admin, just a bit of support now and again. We offer a range of packages starting from £65 per hour with a minimum contract period of 3 months. You simply select the hours you need and then draw down against them over the month.
8 hours
£90.00 per hour
20 hours
£80.00 per hour
40 hours
£70.00 per hour
65 hours
£65.00 per hour

Training Pricing

Sales User Course
per day
  • Managing Accounts & Contacts
  • Working with Leads
  • Working with Opportunities
  • Recording Sales Activities
  • Introduction to Reports & Dashboards
Reports & Dashboards
per day
  • Introduction to Reports
  • How to Create and Customise Reports
  • Report Formats & Types
  • How to Create and Customise Dashboards