10 Best Salesforce Apps for Small Businesses

More and more small businesses are turning to CRM platforms to help reach their customers and grow their business. Since its launch in 1999, Salesforce has become the world’s most popular CRM software. One of the reasons businesses use Salesforce is due to the complete customisation on offer, allowing Orgs to find or create the applications best suited to their business.

Salesforce AppExchange is the place to find all the apps required to manage your marketing processes, decipher analytical data, scheduling and more. A quick browse or search will give you a plethora of options related to your needs. You simply purchase the app (unless it’s free) and add it to your Org. If you’re looking for apps to support your small business, here are ten for you to consider.


1. 10 Simple & Useful Reports To Know Your Customers Better

This first app comes from Salesforce Labs and is free to everyone. This free tool will answer ten commonly asked questions you’re likely to have about your customers. This includes information on those customers who’ve updated within the last seven days. Essentially, you have access to free insights which could inform your sales and marketing strategy.


2. Eventable Calendar Marketing 

Another free app on this list, Eventable offers a simple way to create custom calendar notifications. The easy-to-use interface allows you to send events to your contacts, manage events in your Google, iOS and Outlook calendars in Marketing Cloud itself. You can also embed calendar buttons in the CRM.


3. Channel Finance

If you’re looking for a finance application suite, Channel Finance allows users and business partners to manage all closed-loop processes in Salesforce and the Partner Portal. You can manager pricing, funding and rebates. This app was created by Salesforce Labs and is free to all. 


4. Campaign Monitor for Salesforce

Campaign Monitor is at the top of the game in regards to email marketing. This marketing and mass email tool allows users to add customer records quickly and monitor all subscriber activities, including opening emails or unsubscribing – the latter being vital for being GDPR compliant. The free app is fully integrated into Salesforce, giving your business the easiest way to manage your email marketing strategy.


5. Bizible Marketing Attribution & Analytics

If you’re looking to pay for an app that produces a better way to measure your ROI and the true impact of your marketing efforts, then Bizable is the app for you. While it will cost you around $1,000 (£804.65) a month, the tools it offers could positively impact your marketing efforts. With revenue attribution at your fingertips, B2B marketers can learn more about the customer journey and identify exactly what is driving company growth. 


6. Formstack

Who needs coding to create forms when Formstack makes it simple? Native to Salesforce, the app allows you to collect Salesforce data from any device giving you more information on your customer base. This vital data will help you shape future products, services and even your marketing initiatives. This app is available for just $79 (£63.57) per user per month.


7. Sage Business Cloud People 

For SMEs, good HR tools are vital for onboarding new staff and setting up payroll. With Sage, you can do all that in Salesforce and it can even integrate with various third-party applications. The usual cost is at $120 (£96.56) per employee per year.


8. Pitcher Impact

Give your salespeople a tool that can manage contacts and give access to company marketing materials that can be used in their pitches. Pitcher Impact encourages your employees to create even greater presentations to get those big client wins. With so much on offer, $20 (£16.09) a month is a good price.

9. Invoices for Salesforce

If your business sends invoices for the work it completes, Invoices for Salesforce organises them all in one place. Salesforce already offers invoice functionality but it’s easy for them to be scattered across your various accounts. This app puts these documents together and can even allows for batch invoicing. All for just $49 (£39.43) a month.


10. Simpplr Intranet

For an easy-to-use employee portal, Simpplr is a great app. It gives small business owners a simple way to communicate across the business. For just $8 (£6.44) a month, your team can become more collaborative and also give you a way of delegating tasks during project management.

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