Salesforce Revenue Intelligence: Advance Your Sales With Data

It’s no secret that data-driven decision-making yields results. But it may still be tempting to trust a hunch or personal opinion when it differs from the data – especially if your data accuracy is not absolutely perfect.


This is what makes Salesforce Revenue Intelligence an essential tool. It uses AI and automation to address pipeline gaps, visualise revenue, and hit forecasts. Designed to generate actionable insights, Salesforce Revenue Intelligence enhances both the sales team and consumer experience.

What is Salesforce Revenue Intelligence?

A comprehensive data-driven insight platform, Salesforce Revenue Intelligence provides multi-department benefits. Sales teams are given greater knowledge around Leads and Opportunities, marketing teams are able to understand asset performance, and financial insights allow for more optimised resource expenditure.

What Salesforce Revenue Intelligence Looks Like Across Industries

As a driver of revenue growth, Salesforce Revenue Intelligence benefits a wide range of industries such as:


  • Retail, by utilising customer purchase history to optimise inventory management and promote upselling.
  • Healthcare, by tracking and managing medical claims.
  • Financial services, by providing tools to enable customers to better understand their finances and allowing for a more enhanced overall experience.

How Salesforce Revenue Intelligence Helps Businesses

While Salesforce Revenue Intelligence will offer numerous different benefits to numerous different businesses, there are five stand-out offerings that make the tool essential:


  1. A holistic sales pipeline view. A real-time view of your entire sales pipeline is a critical element to identifying gaps or missed opportunities.
  2. Better lead management. By analysing existing data with advanced AI, Salesforce Revenue Intelligence recognises patterns and allows you to focus on leads likely to close.
  3. Identify at-risk leads. Inversely, the tool uses risk indicators to assess any leads that may show a low propensity to convert, enabling you to take action and minimise client loss.
  4. Discover revenue drivers. Use your overview of the sales cycle and extensive data to inform your sales tactics and approach.
  5. Drive revenue growth. Use data-driven insights and real-time performance management to generate revenue and maintain growth.

Using Salesforce Revenue Intelligence for Sales

Salesforce Revenue Intelligence is a key tool for any sales team. It empowers individuals to accurately predict their close rates, and use data to guide their decisions and attention. Salesforce Revenue Intelligence helps to:


  • Recognise opportunities, by highlighting which leads are most likely to close.
  • Predict revenue, based on the accuracy of expected closed leads versus actual closed leads.
  • Display conversation success, by seeing which leads convert, and using this to guide the customer acquisition strategy.

Implement Salesforce Revenue Intelligence With Purus

If you are interested in using Salesforce Revenue Intelligence to advance sales in your business, look no further than Purus Consultants. Reach out to us with any questions or requirements and we will assist you further.


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