The 5 Most Common Salesforce Implementation Challenges and How To Resolve Them

There’s a reason Salesforce is the ​​world’s number one CRM platform. It’s adaptable, making it a useful tool for any industry, and highly scalable, meaning it can be utilised by businesses small, large, and everything in between.


However, Salesforce doesn’t come without its challenges – especially during implementation, onboarding, and employee training. To minimise any possible difficulties you may face and maximise your Salesforce success, it’s always worth considering partnering with a Salesforce consultant such as Purus Consultants.


With this in mind, these are the five most common Salesforce implementation challenges and tips on how to avoid them:

  • Clearly Defining Your Salesforce Strategy

Before implementing Salesforce, you should have a well-rounded CRM strategy that aligns with your overall business objectives. What are your primary goals from the platform: to boost customer satisfaction, to reduce operational costs or to increase revenue? What measurable metrics will you use to determine success?


Without setting clear and realistic expectations, it’s tough to know whether you’re achieving your targets or if you’re using Salesforce to its full potential.

  • Finding a Salesforce Implementation Partner

Salesforce is a big investment for any business. It plays a key part in every department, and determines many of the processes which will be used. Because the implementation of Salesforce is the foundation for all of this, leveraging the experience and expertise of a Salesforce implementation partner is always advised.


The downside of implementing Salesforce without proper knowledge cannot be overstated. This may compromise the platform from the get go, leading to limited management and use, and drastically undermining the potential it can offer your business. 

  • Customising Salesforce for Your Business

Salesforce has numerous different features and add-ons available. However, while customisation is beneficial, a common implementation challenge is deciding where the optimal level of customisation lies.


Without guidance, businesses can run the risk of over-customising the platform. This can lead to incurring unnecessary costs, a higher learning curve for users, and superfluous complication for what would ordinarily be simple tasks.

  • Integrating Your Current Data into Salesforce

While Salesforce will house all of your business data going forward, your existing data still needs to be integrated and maintained. Overlook the latter, data maintenance, at your peril – working with inconsistent or duplicate data can be more impractical than working with no data at all.


The good news: rarely do businesses need to do any data manipulation themselves. Rather, this highlights the importance of partnering with a Salesforce consultant before any implementation steps have been taken. This way, both your existing data and any future data is kept concise, accurate, and immediately accessible.

  • Adapting to Working With Salesforce

Salesforce can and should be viewed as an asset to any business’s processes. However, the success of the platform is directly proportional to the uptake by the users. Without adequate Salesforce understanding, knowledge and training, the adoption of the platform can falter and stall.


After correctly implementing and customising Salesforce, the last thing any business wants is for the project to fail at the final hurdle. Ensuring that every user both understands the technical use and the myriad benefits of the platform is an essential final step. 

Use Purus to Set Up Salesforce for Your Business

If you are interested in implementing Salesforce in your business or training users on the platform, look no further than Purus Consultants. Reach out to us with any questions or requirements and we will assist you further.


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