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Make the most of your Salesforce investment with support from Purus Consultants. We are specialists in delivering expert salesforce consultancy and training, and have successfully done so for over 120 + clients who were looking to streamline their business and improve sales efficiencies. Implementing Salesforce into your business can be a mammoth task, which is why we offer expert advice when it comes to an array of Salesforce matters. From development to implementation, training and integration, we offer a wide variety of services to help you make the most out of your Salesforce cloud. Our history in delivering training and support successfully to businesses has enabled us to understand the simplest and most effective Salesforce implementation and training techniques.

Salesforce Training

Purus Consulting offer general and customised Salesforce training courses. The aim of these courses is to help yourself and your employees understand their new systems, so that they are able to adapt and use it with confidence. Lack of training leads to nervous users, which may workforce productivity, efficiency and morale. We offer three types of training:
  • Off the shelf Salesforce Training - End User

    This course is designed to help your employees understand the basics of Salesforce software.
  • Bespoke Salesforce Training

    A Salesforce training course designed specifically to suit the wants and needs of your business.
  • A Salesforce Public Course

    As a Partner of a Salesforce reseller for training, we offer discounts on Salesforce public course training.

Salesforce Implementation

We all know just how complex implementing Salesforce can be, which is why Purus Consulting offer a unique Salesforce Implementation programme. We offer two packages:
  • Our Bespoke Salesforce implementation package is perfect for a business with niche wants and needs.

  • Our Speedy Start package gets you up and running, helping you and your team with the basics of the Salesforce cloud.

Salesforce Development

Purus Consulting offer a Salesforce Development service that will ensure that Salesforce system will continuously benefit your growing organisation and meet their needs. From building custom objects and functionalities, to integrating Salesforce with existing apps and systems your business regularly uses, our Salesforce Development service will fill in the gaps for your business, enhancing your efficiency and productivity.

Salesforce Support

If you’re a small business and you’ve got a Salesforce system, there’s a strong chance that your business doesn’t have the need for a full time Salesforce administrator. From choosing to have a full-time employee trained on the basics and jump between roles, to hiring a part time administrator, there are plenty of options. Purus Consultants offer Salesforce to you when you need it, keeping your costs down and maximising the full potential of Salesforce.

Salesforce Customisation

At Purus Consultants we know Salesforce and inside out, and we offer customisation services to ensure you’re making the most out of your CRM system. We’ll help you customise every aspect of your software to make it relevant to your business. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you.

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