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Being a Salesforce partner we have privy to a huge amount of information and resources that are available for us to share with you. These resources can help you on your Salesforce journey. From end user training guides to basic salesforce faqs - these resources can speed up getting the answers to your questions and make implementing Salesforce that bit easier! We have listed some of the ones we feel are most useful below:

Salesforce’s Own Help & Resources

Salesforce offers a range of online supporting resources and help for both end-users and those who implement the CRM. This includes guides, faqs, white papers, e-books and basic demos. You can find them here:  

User-guides & Release Notes

Salesforce provides access to a range of user guides which can be downloaded and printed. These user guides range from rolling out the Salesforce mobile app to learning the Salesforce basics and are a great place to start when looking for some quick support. Salesforce also release their release notes to the latest version every 2-4 months which provide an update to what is included in the latest version.


Salesforce offer a resource called Trailhead which is a free and easy way to increase knowledge of Salesforce. All the content that is used on trailhead and is organised into units, modules, and trails to help get up to speed through everything you need to know about Salesforce.

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