5 Ways To Boost Customer Happiness In Service Cloud

Maintaining a positive relationship with customers is a challenge many businesses face. To improve customer service, businesses turn to customer relationship management (CRM) software such as Salesforce. Service Cloud allows businesses to offer better customer service. How does Service Cloud boost customer happiness? We take a look at what you can do to maximise your CRM.


1. Fast Customer Service

For customers to be happy, you need effective agents. Your customers deserve the best service possible – this means fast reliable resolutions to issues. Service Cloud supports teams by giving them an easy-to-use CRM with a complete view of all customer interactions across the company. If customers feel like they’re getting a personal service, they’ll remain loyal to your business. Because Salesforce is automated, you can spend more of your time engaging with customers and less time managing their data. With powerful internal tools such as an easy knowledge base, macros to deal with repetitive issues and telephone integration to manage all calls, it means all queries are resolved quicker.


2. Let Customers Use Self-Service

While customers love a speedy response to their queries, they also like a response in their own time without the need to call or send an email. Users nowadays aren’t used to P2P interaction when most queries can be resolved by Google. However, search engines cannot answer important questions such as “where is my order?”. In Salesforce Service Cloud you can create a customer community cloud or portal where users can manage their own orders, bills and accounts. The portal can also find answers to the questions they’re looking for without having to contact an agent.


3. Connect with Customers on Digital Platforms

Your customers are everywhere. With smart devices, users are on all digital platforms with their social media profiles. From anywhere in the world they’re tweeting you questions, posting on your wall and messaging you from even your competitor’s place. To communicate effectively with your customer base, you need to be where they are. By managing your touchpoints effectively, your customers will feel they are connected with your brand and more than just customers.


If you don’t offer your customers a range of channels, then you must. With the right automation in place, users will spend less time in call queues and more time interacting and having their issues sorted. By using Service Cloud Digital Engagement, you can ensure no social media conversations are left unchecked. With mobile messaging, live chat, social media, email and more available, your support teams can respond to everyone in one place. Every customer will be heard when you meet with them in their favoured channel.


4. Greater Field Service

Does your business do work on-site for clients? The Service Cloud helps run your appointments smoothly. Customers don’t like you missing appointment windows conversely, an all day estimate isn’t acceptable anymore. Clients now expect accurate time estimates, problems resolved during a first visit and well-informed technology. With Service Cloud, businesses can manage appointments, inventories, work-flows and more. This can all be accessed by mobile as well, so businesses are never disconnected during calls.


5. AI Services

Salesforce uses the latest technology to its advantage, including artificial intelligence. Service Cloud uses its own AI known as Einstein. In it, chatbots handle can be used to handle routine queries such as modifying orders and checking claims. These bots can mimic the tone of voice you expect from staff which eliminating wait times by drawing on the customer information stored in Salesforce. Einstein acts as a support rep and a data analyst all in one, meaning your human reps can focus on providing personal services to trickier cases.

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