10 Essential Software Tools for Startup Companies

Forming a company brings a lot of excitement as you take those first steps into the world of business. In 2017, 589,000 startup companies were formed in the UK and 660,000 in 2016. With so many startup companies forming, finding the right software to support the business is vital. Every company needs to start somewhere and they swear by the software and tools they use when they begin. However, with so much software available it can be difficult to find the essential tools that will ultimately benefit your business.


At Purus Consultants, we work with numerous startup companies. Through our shared expertise, below is the essential list of software your startup company should use.


1. Google Drive

Google Docs as part of Google Drive has revolutionised the documents, spreadsheets and slides software that businesses have relied on for a while now. Your employees can work collaboratively on the same document without the need to constantly send files and track different versions. Not only is this better than Word or Excel for team purposes, Google Docs is also less clogged up with features. This means your employees have the essential document tools to complete their work. It also means they can edit documents wherever they are – including at home and in the office. With so many benefits, Google Docs has quickly become one of the best tools for startups.  


2. Mailchimp

Startups need free email software and Mailchimp can provide a mailing list of up to 2000 GDPR compliant subscribers at no cost. It is a great tool for communicating with your customer base, creating email automations and can even act as a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system. Mailchimp’s A/B testing tool is especially good for seeing which email marketing campaign works the best.


3. Sidekick

A brilliant add-on for your emails, the software created by Sidekick tells you whether someone has opened an email you have sent. It will also inform you when the recipient has opened it, how many times they have opened it and from where. This is an incredibly useful piece of software for your marketing strategy if you are doing a round of GDPR compliant emailing, trying out a new campaign or starting a newsletter.


4. Trello

The online board based software Trello is a superb way to keep a track of ideas, plan all work projects and make important lists. You can even create to-do lists within the cards to keep on top the process of a particular task. The software is easy to use and works impeccably across all devices which is vital for a startup business. Great plugins also enhance the experience for all users. Trello also looks impressive visually if you want to share it to a client, who will be impressed by how the work process has been clearly laid out. Alongside this, the more members you add onto Trello, you get a few months worth of free ‘Gold’ membership!


5. Asana

Arguably the world’s most popular project management tool,  Asana allows you to create tasks, work projects, conversations and dashboards. As a team, it is easy to create tasks just from conversations. Employees can also comment on people’s actions and can see live what progress has been made. It also has a great app available on all mobile devices.


6. WordPress

Your startup company needs an online presence and there’s no better place to build your website than on WordPress. With numerous themes available and full customisation at your fingertips, you can create the perfect site to sell your business. Its intuitive software is easy to use as you can add new pages, blog posts and images very quickly. There are many plugins available as well that will extend the functionality of your website. As WordPress is browser based, it can be accessed from any computer in the world.


7. Slack

Noted as being the fastest growing workplace software ever, Slack has been dubbed the “email killer”. Through the different chat channels, teams can communicate privately or with the company as a whole. Teams can share files with each other and easily find messages, notifications and older files in the archive. You can even set up channels with customers or even other startups if you want to create a little online community. Slack can also be synced with other tools such as Asana and WordPress.


8. Dropbox

It is imperative that businesses create backups of their vital files and Dropbox is excellent for this. With a huge amount of plugins available and apps available for every device, it is a quality piece of software that allows you access your files from anywhere.


9. Google Hangouts Meet

For online video calling and conferencing, Google Meet is the business version of Hangouts. Just using your web browser, you can share your video, desktop and presentations with your team and customers. You can also hold virtual training classes and remote interviews. Apps are also available on devices to handle video meetings on the go.


10. Salesforce

The World’s number 1 CRM platform, Salesforce is a cloud-based service for sales, service and marketing. Through effective Salesforce development and implementation, the software can be tailored to your startup very quickly. Its artificial intelligence captures sales data to give you instant insights such as your top leads and creates suggested sales actions for the future. Customer service can be supported over the consumer’s favourite channel which makes the customer always feel comfortable. Personalise your marketing campaigns in the Marketing Cloud with ease as you are able to build single, comprehensive views of each customers purchasing journey. Salesforce doesn’t require an IT technician to set up but support and training can be provided by Purus Consultants.

As a Salesforce Consultancy, Purus Consultants are the experts at supporting businesses with the CRM software. To find out more about how Salesforce can support your startup company, contact us today!

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