6 Ways to Make Life Easier For Your Sales Teams

A sales team is one of the most hardworking teams in an organisation. They know that if they hit a target one month, management will set a higher target for the following month. According to Openview, having completely unrealistic sales goals is one of five reasons why sales reps hate their jobs. Clearly work can be done to make life easier for sales teams.

All businesses want to grow but to do that, they need to support their sales team every way they can, so that they can boost profits and see positive ROI. Purus are partners with businesses that are looking for solutions to boost their sales. We have compiled our exterptise into this helpful guide. Here are 6 ways you can make life easier for your sales team.


1. Employ Salesforce to support your sales team

A sales team’s life is made easier when they have a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software they can trust. After all, your team are the people communicating with customers regularly. With Salesforce, its dynamic, intelligent and lightning-fast software can help track customer information and interactions to grow accounts, find customers and close deals faster. As these are the three key elements to a sales job, once development and implementation has taken place, the life of the sales team will be made a lot easier. With the Salesforce artificial intelligence analysing the data to support sales, this will have a positive impact on future conversions.


2. Focus on your definite leads

Not every lead is ready to convert to a sale. No matter how much work your sales team put in, the customer won’t bite unless they are ready. By understanding how to use your customer data effectively, you can identify leads who are ready to convert and those that need a little more time. This can be done through CRM software such as Salesforce with its Lead Scoring tool. The software nurtures leads and automatically guides them to the right sales rep. Doing so will ease the workload on your team and allow them to hit sales targets more easily. It also beneficial for the customer, as those needing more time won’t feel pressured into converting which could lose a lead altogether.


3. Give your sales team live data on mobile

Your sales team are not always sat behind a desk. A lot of the time they will be out and about, chasing those all important leads. As they travel, sales staff will always need access to the latest up-to-date data. Carrying around lots of paperwork is a thing of the past. Ultimately, data will change immediately after the ink has dried. With CRM such as Salesforce, a sales rep can use their phone, tablet or mobile to easily access all of the latest available data. This will benefit the business as it allows sales reps to make important sales decisions quickly during the sales process.

4. Offer sales team regular training opportunities

It is absolutely vital that sales teams have regular training opportunities. “Top performing sales organisations invest in the development of their teams,” says Mark Donnolo of SalesGlobe. Training helps the team work more effectively thus making their lives much easier. The sales team should be regularly trained on the products they are selling as well the sales process itself. Everyone on the team will have different practices for completing sales, so giving them time to collaborate will only enhance their skill set. For every business, a well planned and executed training program improves employee engagement and can also provide a measurable ROI for management.  


If you choose to implement Salesforce CRM, you should also consider Salesforce training,  to make sure your sales team’s life is easier with the software. This can be provided by Purus Consultants.


5. Cut time spent on administration work

The sales team should be solely focused on their sales targets. Sales boost businesses but only if your team isn’t distracted by tasks that you can employ someone else to complete. Administrative tasks for salespeople can mount up pretty quickly, as the business must keep on top of its paperwork. Sales people want to be selling and you want them to be exceeding those sales targets, so draft some support in. Sales support personnel can help make life easier for the team as they can complete the non-sales tasks. You can help your team further by always ensuring non-sales issues get directed to the right departments. These changes will have a positive impact on productivity and sales.


6. Use CRM to track sales team performance and look for areas of improvement

All sales leads must know how their team performs and how they can improve. By creating a sales management process, you can help make your team’s work much easier in future because they will be better. If you are focusing on sales performance in cycles, they can rest assured knowing their development is being looked after as they focus on sales. Through Salesforce, you can track sales made by each member of the team. Armed with this data, managers can determine where an individual needs help with their sales. This is perfect for the organisation as management can look to grow the business, knowing their current team is developing well.

Purus Consultants are Salesforce Consultancy Experts. The businesses we partner with are boosting sales and helping making their sales team’s lives easier through our Salesforce CRM support benefits. To find out more about our Salesforce solutions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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