The Best Sales Software for Businesses on a Budget

Implementing sales management software into the day-to-day running of your business comes with a plethora of organisational benefits. From improving the efficiency of your sales team to making life a little easier for them, it has the potential to revolutionise how your business operates. Alongside this, sales software can help an enterprise achieve its competitive edge and surpass its profit goals. If you’re thinking about implementing sales software, you need to make sure it aligns with the business’s budgeting and planning, in order to improve your overall success. Read on to find out about the best software out there that will help your team close and keep track of their sales.


Salesforce CRM 

Salesforce Marketing Cloud 

Every sales team needs to spread the word and generate leads – Salesforce Marketing Cloud gives you the opportunity to find new customers with some of the best marketing tools available. Their intelligent software provides lead nurturing through a wide range of methods. From creating dynamic and engaging emails to turning cold leads into sales-ready prospects, Salesforce Marketing Cloud gives you the ability to track where your prospects began so that you can measure ROI.


Salesforce Sales Cloud

If you’re looking to close deals and drive the growth of your SME, then Salesforce CRM is the perfect tool. The Sales Cloud cuts out the admin and automates the sales process, so that your team can spend time on what they do best – selling. You can easily monitor contacts, and customer interaction, all while having a clear overview of sales performance from real-time data and reports.


 Salesforce Service Cloud

Once the sales cycle has been completed, keep your customers happy with Salesforce Service Cloud for small businesses. This help desk solution will build lifetime value, drive customer satisfaction and create a knowledge base that means your team can give customers the right answers every single time.


Documents and admin

Your small-to-medium business needs sales software that enables you to securely send and receive signatures virtually. Trust us, this will make the life of your sales team so much easier, as you can send proposals and contracts and get them signed  in the blink of an eye. From HelloSign to PandaDoc, and DocuSign, there are a range of e-signature tools that will automate your workflow, speed up the sales process and get money into your bank account faster.


Meeting Scheduler Apps

Whatever industry you’re in, scheduling meetings is a tedious task for all involved. Finding a time that works for everyone in a never ending passive aggressive email thread. This is where meeting scheduling software comes in! Whether you’re scheduling appointments with prospective clients, existing clients or partners, a meetings tool will save you time and energy! These scheduling tools show the availability of your calendar. The people using the software can then access your calendar via a link and book you in. You don’t have to do a thing; meetings will show up automatically on your personal calendar. From Google Calendar to Pick and Rally, you can book in, vote the best time and get all of your meetings sorted!


Communication software

Communication is key for any sales team, so it’s crucial that you have a platform for your team to communicate on during working hours, wherever they are. Dubbed the “email killer”,  Slack enables teams to communicate via a range of different channels, privately or with the company as a whole. Slack also enables teams to share files and archive older files. You can even set up channels with prospective clients. Check out some more tools that help startups and SMEs.

As a Salesforce Consultancy, Purus Consultants are the experts at supporting businesses with the CRM software. To find out more about how Salesforce can support your startup company, contact us.

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