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Process Automation

Where we can we always use the declarative tools in Salesforce: Process Builder and Flows. If the solution is more complex, then we support this with Triggers and Apex code.

Website Integration

Integrating with your website could mean your enquiry form is connect with Salesforce, so Leads and Cases are automatically created for your users to pick up and start working on straight away.

Alternatively, we can connect your site and Salesforce via the API (application programming interface) which means the flow of data between the systems goes both ways. This kind of connection means data such as customer preferences and the updating of their personal information entered on your website can be pushed back into Salesforce.

System Integrations

When you need extra functionality there are two options, use a pre built app from the App Exchange or a build a custom integration. It’s a good idea to investigate both these options as each has their pros and cons.

App Exchange

These applications are pre built and can often be downloaded as “plug and play”, meaning they are quick to install and can usually be configured by an Administrator. The downside is the ongoing monthly licence costs and if the package is managed, then you will not be able to make any changes to it.

Custom Integrations

These are custom integrations that are built to your exact specifications, the data you need synced when you need it.

The initial investment is more, but once completed there are no recurring fees.

We have completed over 100 integration projects and have experience in creating both backend and frontend, building and displaying complex APIs and integrations with enterprise-class solutions. Connecting Salesforce to accounting software, ERP’s, booking tools, reservation systems, document management and quoting systems.


Mobile Applications

Need a bespoke app to manage travel expenses or your inventory from a mobile or tablet? Our team are skilled at creating native applications for Android and iOS platforms and can provide all types of web and mobile applications.

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