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The demand for fully-trained Salesforce experts is continuously increasing, and companies - now more than ever - are looking for proven Salesforce professionals. So, once you’ve invested your Salesforce licences, and spent a considerate amount of time and effort customising or designing the Salesforce platform, it’s essential that all of your Salesforce users are fully-qualified and trained to use this new system properly to add value to your business. We’ve seen first-hand what a lack of Salesforce training leads to - often users are left nervous and are not as keen to complete the transition to a new CRM system. This can lead to major complications and have negative impacts on a business, which in turn will prevent a business from getting the most from its investment in Salesforce.

Types of Salesforce Training

Off the Shelf Salesforce Training - End User

This particular Salesforce course is designed to introduce basic Salesforce management techniques, which will give you and your team a detailed yet simple introduction to Salesforce, and will provide coherent information throughout your training. Below you can find examples of the Salesforce training we currently offer, as well as a breakdown of what is included within each of the courses:

Salesforce Sales User:

  • Managing Accounts & Contacts
  • Working with Leads
  • Working with Opportunities
  • Recording Sales Activities
  • Introduction to Reports & Dashboards

Salesforce Reports & Dashboards:

  • Introduction to Reports
  • How to Build and Customise Reports
  • Report Formats & Types
  • How to Build and Customise Dashboards

Bespoke Salesforce Training Courses

Purus Consultants offer customised Salesforce training courses across many industries. If your business is in need of Salesforce training, Purus can create a bespoke course which is specifically designed to suit you and your business’s requirements. Whether your users require additional Salesforce sales training or you have a new team of Salesforce admins you need to get up-to-speed, we can help your business to optimise everyone’s use of the platform. You can contact us to let us know your exact business needs, and we will design your Salesforce course, which is tailored to meet your specific requirements.

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