Top 5 Zapier Salesforce Integrations

Zapier Salesforce features an array of benefits for sales teams, as it offers easy automation for busy salespeople. If you’re looking at implementing a Salesforce Support Package into your business, Zapier is certainly something you should consider. Zapier securely moves information between your web apps instantly, leaving you to focus on the most important job at hand – your work.

Every business owner dreams of automating their work, increasing productivity and improving efficiency across the board, and research shows that 71% of SMEs in the UK rely on mobile and web-based apps to run their day-to-day operations and scale their business. But with so many web applications and apps available, knowing what integration to go for can be a real challenge. Zapier gives you the ability to make up to five ‘Zaps’ for free, but how do you create connections and automatically move data from one app to another using Zapier? And what are the best Zapier integrations that will help your sales team reach their maximum potential? Purus Consultants are the experts when it comes to Salesforce Development and Support, and we ’ve had a look at some of the best Zapier Integrations,.


How to create Zapier Connections

Every connection in Zapier is made up of a single trigger, and single action is referred to as a “Zap.” To set up integration in Zapier, follow the steps below:

  1. First of all, you need to define your ‘trigger’. The trigger is the first event that initiates another action. This trigger could be something as simple as “A New Email in Gmail”.
  2. Now define the action: The action comes after the trigger has been instigated, and it could be something like “Send an email to the marketing department.”
  3. Test your Zap to make sure it works, and you’re ready to go. Zapier then monitors for the trigger and will complete the actions as soon as the trigger has been launched.
  4. You can do this up to five times for free. Don’t forget to browse Zapier’s paid plans that offer much more functionality.


Salesforce Zapier & Facebook Leads Ads Integration

Gather lead information in real-time and effectively capture it in a secure system when you integrate Facebook Leads Ads with Zapier. This means that lead information is then made available for both B2B and B2C sales, marketing and customer service teams. Nurturing and growing leads has never been easier!

No code is needed, and you can connect your Salesforce and Facebook Leads Ads in a matter of minutes. There are over 19 possible integrations, whether you want to add a contact to a campaign, to creating a new lead or creating a custom object, it’s never been easier to streamline your Facebook Leads Ads generation.


Salesforce Zapier & Gmail Integration 

Connect your Salesforce platform and Gmail so that you can sync data automatically, and associate your emails to your records in Salesforce. Zapier will connect and integrate this key information so that you can boost your team’s efficiency and productivity. There are over 203 integrations. Here are some ways in which you can integrate Gmail with your Salesforce platform.


  1. Salesforce Inbox and Einstein activity capture
    Bring Salesforce straight to your inbox. Powered by Einstein, Inbox automatically logs emails and events through artificial intelligence. Make life easier when you integrate email and calendar with Salesforce and make the most of its suite of productivity features.
  2. Lightning Sync for Google
    Give reps the ability to sync contacts and events between your business’s Gmail account and Salesforce using  Lightning Sync.
  3. Lightning for Gmail
    Efficiently manage your sales pipeline and close deals directly from Gmail when you get visibility into Salesforce content right where you work..
  4. Lightning Email Integration for Gmail
    Get a quick view of your sales-related records in one place when you choose lighting email integration.
  5. Gmail to Salesforce
    Log emails sent from your Gmail account and assign them as leads, contacts, opportunities, and other records that support activity history.


Salesforce Zapier & Evernote Integration 

Get a seamless experience when you integrate Evernote with Salesforce. With over 146 integrations, it’s never been easier to keep all of your business documents, meeting notes, business cards and sales collateral in one place, without ever needing to leave Salesforce. Have access whether you’re in or out of the office, and keep stakeholders in the loop.

Spend less time searching for information and more time selling. Any notes created on Evernote will sync and automatically show up on the activity log, giving that extra level of communication and transparency within the team.


Salesforce Zapier & Shopify Integration 

Manage data efficiently and process bulk data when you integrate Salesforce with Shopify. Synchronise customer actions and information with their accounts, and have all the information you need in one place. With over 283 integrations, you can create a bespoke set of triggers and actions that will help enhance your team’s efficiency and productivity. From having a log of customer information and activity in one place to creating new leads or adding a contact to a campaign, get real-time synchronisation from Shopify to Salesforce for Collections, Products, Customers, and Orders.


Salesforce Zapier and Eventbrite 

Import data from Eventbrite to Salesforce with ease, so that you have all of your leads and contacts from your event in one place. With more than 57 possible integrations, you can sync your Eventbrite data in a way that works for you. Set up scheduled syncs and real-time syncs with webhooks, and add new Eventbrite attendees to Salesforce as leads.

Purus work with SMEs to help implement Salesforce to boost sales and grow their business. Improve productivity and efficiency with a CRM that can support you by contacting us today.


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