Salesforce Spring 2019 Release Notes Highlights

Salesforce is the #1 customer relationship management software in the world. To remain the best cloud-based CRM solution, it is periodically updated with new features that ensure you gain, keep and find new customers. As we head into 2019, this is no different with the unveiling of the Salesforce Spring ‘19 Release Notes. The early preview notes contain a plethora of new features that will benefit your business. With so many improvements happening, we couldn’t possibly list them all. However, expert Salesforce consultancy Purus have picked five of the most exciting Salesforce Service improvements coming this spring.


Pinned Lists

When accessing Salesforce, there are items that you want to see as you login. With this new update, you can create a go-to list to load as your default list. With this new feature, all users who have access can make any list their default.  

Where can this be found?

Pinned lists can be found in Lightning Experience for Essential, Group, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited and Developer Editions.

How to use Pinned Lists

You can pin an unpinned list by clicking its pin icon. If you want to pin a different list, use list view and pin that instead. Default pinned lists for all objects can be found in Recently Viewed.


Public Calendars

Lightning Experience is adding public calendars which will easily keep team members informed and keep all projects to schedule. Anyone who shares a public calendar can view, create and update appointments without having to switch to Salesforce Classic. This is an improvement on previous updates as reps couldn’t access calendars from Lightning Experience. It will also allow reps too and hide public calendars from their own calendar view.

Where are the Public Calendars?

Lightning Experience. Every version of the Salesforce app in Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited and Developer Editions.

How to use Public Calendars:

Go to set up, enter Public Calendars and Resources via the Quick Find box. Under Public Calendars select New.


Book Resources for Events 

Some meetings require equipment to present to a group – e.g. projectors. In the new update, users can reserve any meeting resources. This will avoid tools being double-booked. Users will also be able to compare the availability of multiple resources, by adding resource calendars to your own calendar view.


Where to find Book Resources for Events:

Lightning Experience. Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited and Developer Editions of Salesforce app.


How to use Book Resources for Events:

In Setup, add Resources. Then add the Attendees field in the page layout for events.


12-Column Dashboards

Do you want more control over your data layout? Salesforce users can already create 9-column dashboards but the Spring update increases this to 12. Whether you have 9 or 12 column dashboards, this release includes rows that are half as tall as previous boards. With the addition of more columns and shorter rows allows for more components and layout options in the space. Any dashboard created before the update will retain their original row height.


Where are 12-Column Dashboards?

This update can be found in Lightning Experience in Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited and Developer Editions.

How to implement 12-Column Dashboards:

When creating or editing a dashboard you can switch between 9 and 12 columns. Access Dashboard Properties and make your choice in the Dashboard Grid Size section.


Flow Builder 

Cloud Flow Designer could be slow when you wanted to create your flow builder. The new update replaces it with a new tool: Flow Builder. Flow building has been streamlined with a more simplified user interface. Easily select the right element or resource to add to your flow. Anyone familiar with other builders on the Salesforce Platform such as Lightning App Builder or Community Builder will feel comfortable in the new interface.

Flow Builder is available to admins with permission to Manage Flow.

How to use Flow Builder

With Flow Builder now the default flow-building tool in Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experience, no migration is needed. When you modify your existing flows or create a new one, Flow Builder opens up.

When using Flow Builder, the only change is how you build or change your flows. This doesn’t affect how flows behave or your user’s experience when a flow is run.

The original Cloud Flow Designer is disabled by default but, for the moment, you can turn it back on in the Process Automation Settings.


Winter 2020: Turn On Lighting Experience (Critical Update)

A huge update to look out for in the very near future is the turning on of Lightning Experience. The new interface is where all the new innovations to Salesforce will be added which encourages users to do more faster and more productively. The transition to Lightning Experience will be done on a rolling basis so businesses should prepare to move over to it as soon as possible. Doing so will allow you to know how your org’s features will perform in the new interface.

The update will appear in Critical Updates during February 2019. The update will automatically activate in Winter ‘20 for those that don’t opt-in early.


How to enable Lightning Experience

Starting at Setup, enter ‘Critical Updates’ in the Quick Find box and select Critical Updates. Click Review to find Turn on Lightning Experience. When your organisation is ready, turn on Lightning Experience. Activate this in Critical Updates or Lightning Experience in Setup.

New updates can be daunting, particularly when there’s a lot in one go. Salesforce experts Purus are here to help you through the transition. We can help with Salesforce Implementation to ensure your organisation reaps the benefits of Lightning Experience. We also offer Salesforce Training to support you and your staff with the new updates. For more information on our Salesforce Services, get in touch with us today!


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