Benefits of Outsourcing Salesforce Support

Salesforce is a superb customer relationship management (CRM) tool that can help a business increase sales and productivity. While the software is easy to use and after Salesforce development and implementation, the benefits of its usage will quickly become apparent. Purus are passionate about the positive impact that CRM can have on your business as you can see from our “10 Reasons to Use Salesforce” blog. To reap the many rewards of Salesforce, you need a dedicated member of staff to support the team with the CRM. This support will help configure Salesforce so it can meet your business requirements.

For small to medium sized businesses, having on-site Salesforce support is not viable. Deciding to outsource any element of a business is a strategic and tactical choice. As a Salesforce consultancy, Purus support businesses everyday with the best CRM in the world. Take a look at our list benefits for outsourcing Salesforce support below.


Expert Technical and User Support

Despite its ease of use, issues can crop up when using Salesforce. Because of this, a business needs access to the best technical and user support for the software. With an outsourced Salesforce consultancy, your business is never far away from receiving the vital support you need. The technical team is waiting to deal with any issues straight away. Small technical issues can cause large commercial problems, so you need those issues dealt with immediately to avoid any potential loss of sales.


Cost Effective Salesforce Support

For a small to medium-sized business, hiring an in-house employee is not a cost-effective solution. Searching for that employee can also be a rather time-consuming activity. Finding that in-house Salesforce expert is not easy. With a tight wage budget, a business can save money by outsourcing their Salesforce support. This will ensure your operating costs are managed well and will not hamper any of your profits. You should always check the pricing to find the perfect Salesforce support package for you.


Salesforce Admin Support

Admin tasks on Salesforce can become quite complicated. With so many different aspects to your business, keeping on top of each element is not an easy job. This is especially difficult if you do not have a dedicated Salesforce administrator on site. Outsourcing this support can help you with the following:

  • Creating and modifying business reports and dashboards.
  • Creating and monitoring all workflow automation and processes.
  • Manage all Salesforce users and troubleshoot any errors.
  • Updating page layouts and custom fields
  • Supporting with the manipulating and reformatting of data


Salesforce Training

When implementing Salesforce into your business, it is important that your team gains the best Salesforce training. Ensuring they are qualified to use this new system is vital to the continued productivity of the business. For example, Purus offer “Off the Shelf Salesforce Training” for the end user which gives your teams the perfect introduction to CRM. Bespoke Salesforce training courses can be also be also be tailored completely to your business needs.


Assigning of a Dedicated Consultant

Outsourcing your Salesforce support allows your business to gain access to the best expertise available. A dedicated consultant will have the thorough knowledge required to unlock every inch of business potential from the software. They will understand all the best practices for Salesforce features and configuration.


Regular Checking and Monitoring of System Health

Having an individual on site regularly checking and monitoring the system health of your Salesforce CRM, isn’t always a viable option for your business. The individual chosen might not be a complete expert of the system and their time could be better used elsewhere to benefit your business. A dedicated outsourced Salesforce support team can take care of this for you. As Salesforce is a cloud-based system, it can be monitored remotely away from your office. Regular monitoring will not hamper any productivity that could affect your business. Any updates or fixes needed will be done live and as quickly as possible.


Decide How Much Salesforce Support Your Business Needs

After Salesforce implementation has taken place, the amount of support for using the CRM will be at a high level. This is understandable, as you want to make the transition to Salesforce as smooth as possible for the business. Once the system has been fully bedded in, your understanding of Salesforce will improve. Because of this, you may want to scale back your Salesforce support. With a Salesforce consultancy such as Purus, your business is able to do this. This gives your business the flexibility it needs when looking after its operating costs.


Where Can My Business Get Salesforce Support?

All of the Salesforce CRM support benefits listed above are offered by Purus. We work with a wide range of clients across the UK. Their case studies are proof of our expert Salesforce support. For more information on our Salesforce support packages and how Salesforce CRM can really benefit your business, contact us today.

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