Helping to quickly identify and resolve issues through a qualified support team

Managing Salesforce and all its efficiencies can often stretch a business’s internal capacity to its very limits which makes it vital to seek support from an external source. At Purus Consultants we pride ourselves on offering fast, efficient and friendly support to clients and their outsourcing partners who are using Salesforce. Our highly skilled Salesforce consultants understand business and how Salesforce needs to be used effectively to get the most from it. Having a support contract with Purus Consultants will ensure that should any issues with Salesforce occur, then we’ll be on hand to deal with them straight away. We understand that a small technical issue can cause a large commercial problem so we aim to be deal with any issue as quick as possible.

What are the Benefits of a Salesforce Support Contract with Purus Consultants?

  • Comprehensive technical & user support
  • Cost effective support; no need to employ a full-time Salesforce manager
  • A dedicated consultant who will learn and understand your business’s requirements
  • Regular system health checks & monitoring to ensure your system stays efficient
  • Technical help and troubleshooting when you need it (Answer reply within 2 hours)
  • Scale up your support when you need it, scale down when you don’t need as much

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