What Is Salesforce Financial Services Cloud?

Salesforce Financial Service Cloud is an innovative and robust platform that combines CRM and wealth management tools to help companies maintain a competitive edge. The tool is built on the Salesforce Platform and uses a multitude of features to make client relationships more personalised while giving users a full view of the financial help in the company. It can also support in boosting productivity through collaboration and engagement cards. Smarter business decisions can also be made using built-in analytical tools.

It is ideal for businesses of all sizes as it can allow businesses to explore different methods to help clients on their sales journey. Multiple household trusts and business groups can be mapped out and connected, allowing you to determine how to best interact with each customer. Integrated dashboards and smart AI systems provide actionable insights on client behaviour and their networks.

Financial Services Cloud makes it easy for wealth management tasks to be performed in line with CRM goals. This will boost growth and expand reach. If support is needed, Purus offer Salesforce Support 24/7.


Features of Financial Services Cloud

There are many key features within the Financial Services Cloud that make things simpler and improve overall service:


  • Einstein Analytics
  • B2C Client Data Model
  • Client and Household Profiles
  • Financial Goal Management
  • Wallet Share Calculations
  • Client and Household List Segmentation
  • Needs Assessment Options
  • Alerts/Notifications
  • Advisor Homepage
  • Household and Relationship Groups
  • Relationship Mapping
  • Financial Account Management (Wealth and Retail Banking)
  • Custom Financial Rollup Summaries
  • Wealth Reports and Dashboards
  • Referral Management
  • Banker Console
  • Banking Data Model Extensions
  • Flexible Integration Options
  • Account and Contact Management
  • Advanced Case Management
  • Case Email Auto-Response
  • Case Management
  • Chatter Options
  • Collaborative Forecasting
  • Configurable Profiles
  • Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)
  • Developer Sandbox
  • Email Integration
  • Enterprise Territory Management
  • Integration via Web Service API
  • Lead Management
  • Opportunity Tracking
  • Orders Management
  • Task Management
  • Workflow Automation


Benefits of Financial Services Cloud

There are various benefits for having Salesforce Financial Services Cloud as your wealth management system:


Better 1-to-1 Client Relationships

Client Profile within Salesforce Financial Services Cloud lets all advisors see information about their clients in one place, as instant access to tear-sheets, their financial accounts and goals. With this sharp insight, you can deliver a more personalised advice service anywhere and anytime. Alerts ensure you can collaborate on their financial goals at the right moments.


Smarter Working At Anytime

Client data is available on the cloud in one location which allows more time to focus on customers and not on administrative tasks. The mobile app is customisable, allowing advisors to maximise their time in and out of the office.


Deepen and Grow Your Book of Business

Household opportunities have more visibility giving users a more holistic view of managed and held away assets. You can also turn your client base into an active referral network as users can track referrals from Centres of Influence.


Confidently Manage Regulatory Compliance

Your entire organisation can benefit from repeatable and visible collaboration – including instant recognition of how has interacted with the client. With secure access to secure client and household profiles, you can help manage compliance.


Better Secured Company Data

The financial data of your organisation needs to be protected. Salesforce Financial Services Cloud has multiple layers of security that also let you monitor data access and usage. With platform encryption, event monitoring and field audit trail, the platform will ensure all data is kept secure with client data kept confidential.


What Problems Does Salesforce Financial Services Cloud Solve? 


Building Businesses Relationships

Expanding your reach can be difficult. However, the Financial Services Cloud can turn your client base into an active referral network. Robust analytics tools determine promising leads and with top-of-the-line networking tools, you can grow your book of business better.


Trouble Keeping Up With Industry Regulations 

Compliance regulations are frequently changing which makes it difficult for entrepreneurs to keep up and manage operations. Failure to keep up leads to big fines, lengthy audits and other possible consequences that will take up business time. Through the Financial Service Cloud, you can access a set of compliance features. Through the platform, consistent onboarding tasks can be established and new regulatory standards can be easily monitored.


Does your business need Salesforce Financial Services Cloud? With Salesforce implementation and development from Purus, we can get the platform up-to-speed with your daily tasks. For more information, get in touch with us today!


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