5 Salesforce Lightning Tips That Will Improve Efficiency

Salesforce Lightning is the best-designed user experience yet. By making the interface easy to use in a beautiful design, sales teams can use their bespoke Salesforce platform to get the most out of their sales. However, there are still ways to improve efficiency within the software. As Salesforce Consultants, we know the ins and outs of the CRM and how it can be used effectively. We have compiled five of our top tips for improving efficiency within Salesforce Lightning Experience.


1. Track Actions in Activity Timeline

Have you ever forgotten the last thing you did on a lead? Do you remember what you need to do next to clinch that sale? The Opportunity workspace is a great tool that highlights all the information you need on a specific opportunity. You can also view all past activities and the next steps in your activity timeline. This is great for those salespeople looking to keep opportunities on track and meet their targets.


2. Customisable Homepage

The home page is the first place you land when logging into the Salesforce app. To help make this more comfortable, consider organising your homepage with all the key components of your job in one easy location. This snapshot allows for easy navigation and improves Salesforce lightning skills at the same time.


3. Organise Your Kanban Board 

One of the most exciting features of Lightning, when it launched, was the Kanban board. It allows users to organise your sales by their stages. The board offers great efficiency as alerts are given if you need to take action on a sale. You can also create new tasks or events without leaving the board. Opportunities can be dragged and dropped to different stages and all totals and sales are updated automatically. With the pipeline board, it is an easy and efficient way of keeping on top of your leads.


4. Utilise The Utility Bar 

Utility bars help make navigating through a program quite easy. In Lightning, the Utility Bar allows users to access their most commonly used tools including Recent Items and Notes. This bar is available on each Lightning app and can be found fixed to the footer of the page. Its placement gives users access to tools within any app on the platform, improving efficiency by reducing navigation time. The feature is also customisable, allowing users to pick the components they would like to see.


5. Visualise Data With Memorable Reports and Dashboards

In Salesforce Lightning users are given greater flexibility and control over creating and editing dashboards. All components can be dragged and dropped on dashboards (where three columns are supported in Salesforce Lightning). The report run page allows you to select to display data in different charts which can be updated automatically – they can be filtered as well. With such choice, you gain analytic insights based on an overview of the data or you can drill down to the precise information you need.

As Salesforce consultants, we can help your sales team achieve greater efficiency with Salesforce training and support. Our expert knowledge means that you can use every part of the platform to benefit your business. For information on our Salesforce services, get in touch with us today.

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