How to Make Your Sales Team More Efficient

If your sales team are struggling to hit their sales target or meet their quota, it’s easy to assume that they are not pulling their weight and just being lazy. However, a sales team that are struggling to close deals and meet their targets could be an indication that the team isn’t set up in the best way, therefore impeding their ability to perform as efficiently as possible.

It is no secret that an efficient sales team is critical for driving revenue and seeing high sales volumes, but an inefficient sales team is a waste of money, time and resources. But with a change in team mentality, the help of a few tools and a few tweaks in workplace culture, you can get your team in the zone and make your sales team as efficient as possible.


Discourage negativity and highlight positivity

Whenever possible, ban negative self-talk and try and fill the office with positivity. Whether you’re a team member or a manager of the company, try and fill the sales office with all things positive. When you surround yourself with positive people, you’ll find the positive energy affects other people around you, therefore enhancing confidence and giving people a “can do” attitude.  When the whole team is positive, team morale will be sky high. Ignore the negative-nancys and do your best to keep the atmosphere happy.


Delegate and trust your team members

Every manager and team leader should believe in their employees, and show them that you believe in them. If you’re confident in the capabilities and talents of the team members and show them that you trust their abilities, it will create an atmosphere of positivity within the workplace, and this will have a hugely advantageous impact on both productivity and sales.

When you recognise the strengths of individual team members and let them build on them by delegating certain tasks, they’ll become much more confident in their skills. This will then open up opportunities for team growth and development.


Use rewards and encourage competition

By nature salespeople are competitive, and this is something that should be tapped into and used so that they can do the best job possible. Encourage friendly rivalry in order to boost productivity and sales, and offer rewards for motivation. These rewards don’t have to be big – just remember that acknowledgment of achievements and strengths always helps team members feel appreciated.

Provide as much  training as possible

If you’re looking to build your sales team’s confidence, then take some time to train them. This will help them become much more productive and efficient with their day to day tasks. When you train them, you should assess how they complete and close sales, and them give feedback to create a cycle of continuous improvement. You’ll certainly l see the results in the sales figures.


Enforce SalesForce support within your team 

Enforcing SalesForce support into the day-to-day runnings of your sales team will save time and make the life of your sales team so much easier. When you implement a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software such as SalesForce, the team can track customer information and interactions to grow accounts, find customers and close deals much quicker. As these are the three key elements to a sales job, once the SalesForce development and implementation has taken place,  you’ll find that your sales team will become much more efficient!


Position your team as experts

By helping your team see themselves as experts in what your selling, you’re helping them to

create value for potential and existing customers. With training and support, you can help expand their expertise, therefore allowing them to support and solve problems for both prospective and current clients. The more your sales team can do this, the more confident and productive they will be.


Communicate and be transparent 

Make sure you’re always communicating and being super transparent with your team. Even if this means you feel like you’re over communicating. Clear, honest communication will make your team feel like they’re connected to the business and making a positive impact – they’ll also feel like they’re poised for success. Keeping in contact with your team regularly and giving them enough information makes the world of difference. Authentic and honest communication wins every single time.



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