How to Create a Confident Salesperson

Confident salespeople are the best salespeople. Customers are more likely to buy from somebody they can trust. This trust is built when the customer can see that a salesperson is confident in their position and very knowledgeable about a product. When you are the leader of a sales team, you have the opportunity to mould a group of confident salespeople. But how do you create a confident salesperson? These simple tips can help.


Focus on their strengths

Every confident salesperson is well aware of their strengths and are keen to develop them. They are self-aware individuals, not arrogant ones. You should ensure that all your sales reps identify areas they excel in naturally and coach them to develop those skills even further. Improvements will be made and with that self-confidence, they can face elements of the role outside of their comfort zone better.


Create a positive atmosphere

When salespeople are part of a driven team who are successful, their level of confidence will always grow. Anybody who speaks negatively about the role and their approaches, are not great for sales or for the confidence of others. As a sales rep or sales manager, you should always set the example. Be positive and confident and avoid negativity where possible. Your team will be motivated by your drive and determination which brings confidence in sales. Perhaps you could pair sales reps up with a mentor who can help develop their skills and confidence even further.


Build a learning environment

Linked with having a mentor, sales leaders should build a culture within the team where knowledge is shared. If a sales rep lands a huge deal, recognise that success. You could even ask the person to present their win and sales tips at the next meeting. This will help them become an expert in their role which will only increase their confidence level. This will also help the rest of the team members achieve the same success.


Master the basics

When a person knows exactly what they are doing, they are confident. For a sales professional, being comfortable with the sales process gives them supreme confidence. They should know and understand the process fully. Your team will master the basics if effective sales training is put in place. The steps of the sales process then becomes a habit, which allows for a seamless sales presentation, pitch or meeting.


Be open minded with your team

A confident and successful salesperson does not allow their abilities to stagnate and settle for mediocre results. They have developed a growth mindset and are always exploring ways to improve. There are several ways a professional will look to improve throughout their sales career – self-help books, setting long-term targets, educational courses. This open mind allows them to stand out from the crowd of salespeople.


As a sales manager, encourage your reps to step away from their daily routines and venture out. This way they can see things from a different perspective and bring new ideas for future sales success. New ideas brings new confidence.


Become the experts

A salesperson must be able to confidently present the benefits of your product or service to potential customers. This means, your sales rep should be experts. Your team must have the right product training in place. However, being an expert on a solution is not everything. A confident salesperson must also be the expert on their customer personas. This way, a salesperson can be seen as strategic resource rather than just a pusher of products.


Give your sales team time to learn as much as there is to know about the customer. This will build self-confidence when it is time to do that all important sales call.


Build on successes and learn from failures

Success and failure is a part of everyday life. We will have our good days and our bad days. The important thing is to react on both and learn from them. When a sales rep fails at something, teach them that they can use it to their advantage. Brush off the past failure and get out there stronger than ever.


When a member of the team wins, advise them to examine how it went well. This way they can teach themselves on how to replicate this victory in the future. A win will always boost confidence but your team must always be thinking of the next opportunities.


Use an effective CRM system

A salesperson are most confident when they have the right tools available to them, to clinch those all important deals. A CRM such as Salesforce, can allow a rep to access all the data they need to confidently clinch sales. An effective CRM can also allow you to tailor your sales cycles, so you can engage with every customer via their preferred method. With every sale tracked, a sales rep can monitor successes for use in future sales which will build confidence for closing more vital deals.  


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