Top 10 Salesforce Apps To Power Up Your Sales

The AppExchange Inventory has over 3,000 apps available for businesses to use as part of their everyday processes. Sales teams live and breathe off these apps through the Salesforce interface wherever they are. Any apps that can help boost sales are useful for driving bigger returns for the business – especially the customer-facing apps. We look at the best Salesforce apps you can get to increase the productivity of your sales teams. From the most popular categories on AppExchange, we have selected the best apps for each.


Best Apps for Contract Management


 Adobe Sign 

For over a decade, users have been pleased with Adobe Sign’s integration within Salesforce. As it works with Salesforce1 and Lightning-ready, this app allows you to send, sign and file all contracts on any device. You don’t even have to leave Salesforce to use it! Adobe offer a 30-day free trial but you must call for pricing.


Sertifi Electronic Signatures

With Sertifi, your customers can sign and pay online with ease and convenience. The app is Salesforce1 ready but integrates well with Conga, Drawloop and Zuora.


 SpringCM Contract Management

SpringCM allows users to manage their own sales contracts in and out of Salesforce while also providing complete visibility into the process. The app is Lightning-ready and available in Salesforce1 and can be integrated with other e-signature applications.


Document Generation Apps


Conga Composer

For simplified document generation, delivery and reporting, Conga Composer is one of the best. The app allows you to easily create documents, reports and presentations in popular office software – Word, PowerPoint, Excel, HTML Email and PDF. Conga Composer can be used with Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Salesforce1 and Lightning.



Through Octiv, you can create proposals, presentations and contracts from any Salesforce object. All documents can be tracked online with real-time notifications available through text, email and Chatter. Integration through Salesforce1, Chatter, DocuSign, EchoSign, Box, DropBox, Steelbrick and more.


Nintex Drawloop Document Generation

Document generation can be automated and customised through Nintex’s superb app through Salesforce. Documents can be generated by clicking a button, by batch or through workflows. It can be integrated with third-party apps such as Adobe Sign, SpringCM, Chatter, Gmail, DocuSign, Sertifi and Salesforce1. Discounts are offered for non-for-profit organisations.


 Sales Team Productivity Apps



For an app that is like Excel, GridBuddy is superb for mass editing, updating and creating through multiple objects. Users can cross-reference standard, custom or unrelated objects with dynamic charts in report-like views. The app also allows for filtering down multi-object Salesforce data sets to the records you want.



LevelEleven is fantastic as it engages salespeople in understanding customer behaviours which lead to closing more business. There are sales performance scorecards to allow salespeople and managers to keep on top of who is doing what and how well. Works with Salesforce1, Lightning and



Does your sales team need motivating? Hoopla can help. With leaderboards and gamification built in, your salespeople will have reasons to push as many sales as possible. The app allows for the creation of contests and competitions around specific Salesforce objects or metrics. Remote offices can be connected with live leaderboards streamed anywhere.


Quote and Order Management Apps


Apttus CPQ

Apttus gives you a robust CPQ software that gives you complete control on everything you need – configuration, pricing, quoting, discounts, incentives and proposals. The app has been built on Salesforce1 but it also Lightning-ready and can be used alone or with other Apttus solutions.


Oracle BigMachines Express CPQ

Oracle CPQ has four key modules – configuration pricing, quoting and renewals. The intuitive app gives users a point-and-click interface with immediate deployment. As the winner of the “Best Quoting & Orders” app for five years in a row, it is a tried and trust app for getting results.


SteelBrick CPQ

The perfect app for ensuring accuracy with pricing and quoting within Salesforce on any device, SteelBrick is a great choice of many sales teams. Templates can be customised and product configuration. The app can also be integrated with an eSignature partner such as DocuSign.


Sales Intelligence Apps


Ebsta for LinkedIn

If you want to view Salesforce records alongside LinkedIn Profiles, Ebsta for LinkedIn can do this. The app provides users with relational alerts with only one click needed to open records within Salesforce.



LeanData gives sales teams a complete view of every B2B buyer’s journey which enables marketing and sales that are account-based. Leads are tied to accounts using a Lead2Account matching engine which ensures follow-ups are timely. Visibility is offered in the top accounts with LeadData Clarity.



For fast and easy organisational chart creation using existing contacts, your teams need OrgChartPlus. You can map deal decision trees and non-formal relationships within the app.


While all these apps could help benefit the sales of your business, overloading your Salesforce build with too many can cause problems. Carefully pick and choose the apps you wish to adopt over time, to power up your sales. Purus can act as Salesforce Support to ensure the running remains smooth when new changes are made.

For more information on our Salesforce Services, contact Purus today.

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