5 Lightning Navigation Tips for Salesforce Users

Salesforce Lightning is a fantastic tool for both admins and users. The layout and experience of the software is customisable so it can suit the needs of groups and individual users. Admins can now change the layout with standard Lightning components to create unique experiences for all users of their Org. Users also have a variety of features so they can customise their own layouts in Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and more.


Let’s look at the five features Salesforce Lightning users can implement right now.


1. Favourites

The star icon at the top right of your screen is something you’re likely familiar with. Similar to web browsers, stars can be used to favourite pages you want to access fast. Records cannot be starred but Dashboards, List Views, Reports and more can be. 

To use Favourites, simply select the star icon on the page you’d like to favourite. Select “Edit Favourites” to reorder, rename and delete any favourites you’ve got.


2. Pinning List Views

Salesforce usually defaults to the ‘Recently Viewed” List View but this can now be changed. Every object home page can now be pinned. Click the little pin next to the list view and you can skip to a List View each time you select the object home page. You’ll save a huge amount of clicks.


3. Density Settings

An addition to Lightning last year, Salesforce gives all users the option to change how much data is viewed on screen. Lightning cleaned up a lot of what you could see on screen at once. However, this was at the detriment of those Orgs with vasts amount of data.

If your Org is information-heavy and you need to see more on screen, then display density is for you. There are two options available: Comfy or Compact. The Compact layout is similar to the Classic Salesforce look with more information on screen at any one time.


4. Navigation Bar Customisation

Salesforce Lightning has an excellent navigation bar that can be fully customised for your use. Users have control of:


  • The ordering of tabs
  • Including extra tabs
  • Adding more to the Navigation Bar including Records, List Views, Reports and Dashboards
  • Modifying navigational terms

The standard view that opens every day is completely changed so it’s suited to how you work.


5. Kanban View

Kanban View is an innovative way for sales agents to view their opportunities. The logical layout gives reps a better overview of what’s really happening with current sales journeys. It clearly states which leads need analysis right through to those deals which have been signed. Kanban View is also great for records that are process-driven including Leads or Cases. Kanban view allows users to:

  • See the total amount at each stage of the sales process
  • Move Opps to different stages of the journey
  • See notifications when Opps move from one step to another


Salesforce Lightning is -the best navigation tool available so far in the CRM platform. With more customisation at your fingertips, not only will you improve efficiency, you’ll improve your productivity. 

If your team needs support with getting the most out of Salesforce, our bespoke training courses ensure you reap the full benefits of the CRM software. For more tips, keep following our blog for the latest updates.


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