Improve conversion rates, deliver qualified leads and make your campaigns much more efficient with Pardot. Reach prospective clients through a wide range of means, such as paid social, PPC and email. Understand how these clients interact with your brand, sync with your current customers and enhance communication.

Prospects are more likely to research products and suppliers online through various channels, such as your website and social, and will have on average between 6-8 points of contact before they are ready to buy. Pardot allows you to track and score this behaviour and when the time is right, to push these hot leads to your Sales team so they are making the best of their time by only contacting hot prospects.

What is Pardot?

Pardot is a marketing solution that supports the needs of B2B organisations in a range of sizes. From email marketing to landing pages, lead qualification and lead nurturing, Pardot can be integrated with Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud in order to pass valuable data between this innovative marketing solution and your business CRM solution.

Pardot and Salesforce Integration with Purus

If you want to sync Pardot to your Salesforce solutions, this will require mapping and expertise. Whether you wish to implement Service Cloud, Sales Cloud or Pardot, Purus offer bespoke implementation, development, support and training services that can be tailored to the needs of your business.

Pardot Features


Automate various processes in your account with Automation Rules for specific criteria. Create Drip Programs to enable easy and effective lead nurturing.


Identify your Prospects, review your marketing elements and report on all your marketing efforts with ease.


Review your various marketing efforts, their results and effectiveness through Pardot reporting, across all marketing elements.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Pardot work?

Pardot is a powerful standalone B2B marketing automation tool. When integrated with the Salesforce platform, marketers can automatically create and assign qualified leads and make tracked prospect activities visible to the sales team.

What is B2B Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation refers to the software that automates marketing and engagement to help generate leads, close deals and measure your marketing success. B2B companies can engage and reach potential clients in various ways including: email, social media, lead nurturing, inbound marketing, digital advertising, landing pages and forms.

Is Pardot automation suitable for my business?

Pardot provides a full solution that helps B2B marketers create meaningful connections that can help generate more sales and close more deals. Pardot will generate a better ROI, revenue and results for your business.

What sort of insights will Pardot provide?

With Pardot and Salesforce reporting, marketers can track the success of their campaigns, measure audience engagement and understand the impact of the emails that are sent out. B2B Marketing Analytics will organise and analyse data across all sales and marketing, allowing you to make informed data-driven decisions in your sales.