Top 5 Salesforce Commerce Cloud Tips

Businesses are using Salesforce Commerce Cloud to have better communication with their customers. It also gives customers a better experience with the store as they make their way through the sales journey.


What Is Salesforce Commerce Cloud 

Salesforce Commerce Cloud is a cloud-based eCommerce platform which improves shopping experiences across all digital channels. Formally known as Demandware, Commerce Cloud provides a host of capabilities such as marketing, content, merchandising, promotions, customer service, fulfilment and artificial intelligence.


Salesforce Commerce Cloud is scalable to the size of any business. The customisation options allow businesses to tailor the software to their business. As apps are updated frequently, your business will stay ahead of the game. So how do you make the most of Salesforce Commerce Cloud Tips? Purus has compiled Commerce Cloud Tips to boost your conversions.


1. Create a Simple Interface for Customers

It’s easy to create a site which has all the tools you need to optimise your eCommerce solution. Things like keywords and CTAs could consume your site creation. However, take a step back and consider your customer base first. Your site needs to be user-friendly and easy to read and navigate. Users will bounce from sites if it is too busy or too complicated. That first impression remains with a customer and it’s hard to get them back.


With spending on smartphones overtaking other forms of shopping, it’s vital your site is easy to use on mobile devices. Crowded or complicated menus will just drive customers to your competitors. Don’t over-categorise your products as this will cause customers to abandon their purchase.


2. Include a Personalised AI Shopping Experience 

According to research by Salesforce, customers will switch brands if communications aren’t personalised to them. This isn’t restricted to just email and social media but also in on-site product recommendations. With the use of intelligent product recommendations within the Salesforce Commerce Cloud, the shopping experience becomes completely personalised. With a service that gives customers exactly what they want, conversions will increase because of the relevancy and efficiency on offer.


3. Have an Effective Search Tool

Having a search tool within your eCommerce site can be overlooked by some sites. However, its use for customers is a vital part of the sales journey. Shoppers who use the search tool will convert at a 3x higher rate than those using the navigation menus. They also check out with 11% larger carts and spend as much as 15% more than a user who browses.

The search function should also include an auto-complete that applies to what the user is searching for. The results must also be accurate and not have results that are crowded for users to view. Essentially, a poor search experience will lead to a higher bounce rate and general customer dissatisfaction.

Best practice suggestions for your search functions include having: language or location based search settings, rules that allow for hypernyms and synonyms and audience segmentation based searches. Predictive Sort combines customer data from Einstein Analytics and AI to create personalised menus and search pages for customers, through its machine learning capabilities.


4. Include Clear Paths of Purchase

Clear paths to purchasing are vital for the success of a business. A good eCommerce site makes the final purchase all but unavoidable for a customer. The only way to do this is to create a clear purchase journey, no matter where the users lands on the site. Is the purchase CTA button easy to find? Is scrolling required to find it? Best practice recommends that a CTA remains in plain sight as you customer navigates a page.

Through the Commerce Cloud, you can align your inbound marketing efforts. This means if a shopper comes to your site from a social media post or blog post, they can be placed on a clear path to their purchase.


5. Optimised Checkout Process

With cart abandonment rate averaging around 69% in 2018, it’s vital that you put things in place to decrease the chances of this outcome. This problem can be tackled by reducing field options and making them big enough for all users to see and be able to fill. Businesses should look to give customers the chance to check out as a guest, as not all users like to be tied down to an account. While you want to encourage repeat custom, it is possible to lose sales without this option.

Another way to make the checkout more user-friendly is to extend the options on payment. With 24% of UK mobile users buying items with digital wallets, this number is expected to grow fast. With the addition of Apple Pay, Android Pay and PayPal options, you can create a frictionless online shopping experience for your customers.

By using the tools and apps available in the Salesforce Commerce Cloud, you can convert more of your customers quickly. Every Salesforce Solution can boost business but sometimes a little help is also required to maximise it to its best. By working with Purus, the Salesforce experts can help develop and implement the CRM with your eCommerce business. Contact Purus today to get started.

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