Salesforce Summer Release Notes Highlights

The time has finally arrived! The Salesforce Summer 2018 release notes have finally been released detailing all the updates to  Salesforce and the incredible tools they offer. There are a range of new features that will help with your Salesforce solutions and Purus Consultants have picked out the most interesting. As part of our Salesforce support, it is our duty to inform you of the key highlights to come during the summer months.


1. GDPR and Privacy Enhancements

On 25th May 2018, GDPR came into effect within the EU. All business working with EU citizens are now expected to show how they are protecting the data of all of its customers. Because of this, Salesforce has made sure that enhancements have been added to track all of their privacy preferences. Included in this is a simplified way to merge leads and contacts with their current data privacy records.


To comply with GDPR regulations, there is a new function within Salesforce that will be able to permanently scramble user data. Invoking System.UserManagement.obfscateUser apex method will make sure their data is replaced by random character strings. This is a great feature that will help in the fight against cyber crime.


2. Track Time allows multiple dates

Track Time was a beta feature of the Spring release from earlier this year, and with the Summer update, Track Time  returns with greater improvements. Salesforce Lightning UI component support has been added, giving you the ability to filter time values for reports without including seconds and milliseconds. You will also be able to subtract two date fields without resulting in a negative value.


3. Enhance the report and dashboard view to suit you

With this new option of Salesforce customisation, you can now select the information you actually want to see at a glance. The new enhanced list view for reports and dashboards helps you pinpoint the information that is most useful to you. Make your choice on what columns to show, sort and resize and you can even decide how the text appears within the columns. The update also includes new default columns, such as the Report Last Run Date which finds out which reports have been run most recently.


4. Joined Reports in the Lightning Experience

A new feature added to Summer’s beta are joined reports within the lightning experience. These reports can be used to analyse Salesforce data across various report types – it also allows for multiple, simultaneous views of objects.


5. You can now run jobs on Custom Objects

So far in Salesforce, Duplicate Jobs have been just for accounts, contacts and leads. This has now been extended to Custom Objects. Any Custom Object you have created can also benefit from Duplicate Jobs. This change can be seen within Lightning Experience in Performance and Unlimited Actions.


6. Convert leads with Contacts to Multiple Accounts

Does your business use Contacts to Multiple Accounts? Sales reps can now convert a lead to an existing contact and associate them with a new or existing account. Your sales reps will also find they can expand the Opportunity section of the Convert Lead window by selecting the opportunity name.


7. Change your domain name when you want to

The Summer 2018 update removes the need to contact Salesforce customer support to change your domain name. My Domain lets you change your company’s domain if there is a name or branding change.


8. Organising Content in Lightning Experience

With the use of subfolders, you can design a logical structure for your reports and dashboard folders in Salesforce Lightning Experience. Moving your content has also been made easier. No need to open the report to move it, just select the Move Row-Level Action for the report.


9. Improved search functionality

Searching has never been better within Salesforce. You are now able to search exactly what you are looking for anywhere in the app. You can choose any searchable object in the dropdown list and once entered, both instant and full search results are limited to that object.


10. Easily access Contacts and Work orders

Paths now make it easier to access key contacts within the organisation which will allow you to keep developing those relationships. You can also track the status of the work orders, work order line items and service appointments.


11. Add HTML and Attachments in Lightning Email Templates

We know that many of you use HTML email templates instead of plain text and now within the Lightning email templates, you can edit the HTML tags and the content within Source. If you click Source again, you will be able to see a preview. For attachments, simply drag and drop the file into the body of the email.


12. List Views for Tasks

This is a tiny addition but one you will find very helpful. List view organises your tasks in an order that suits you. You can filter the status of these to make sure you that get the most important tasks done for that day.


13. Kanban Views for Tasks

For those looking for a different task view, the Kanban view allows for a very visual representation of your tasks and where you are at with them. This is especially helpful to those with a lot on their agenda.


14. Subscribe Others to Dashboards

You have taken the time to create a superb shiny new dashboard but you need to make sure everybody has access to it. Now you can subscribe others to the new dashboard making sure they get up the correct up to date information.

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