Salesforce Announces New Health Cloud Tools Amid COVID-19 Rapid Spread

The latest Salesforce Health Cloud features are designed to help healthcare organisations manage relationships with providers and leverage patient data to get improved health outcomes. 

As Salesforce continues to focus on industry-specific areas, the newly-announced Health Cloud features couldn’t have come at a better time. A week ago, the software giant added three new components to its Health Cloud platform, enabling healthcare organisations to keep track of their interactions with medical professionals, patients and third-party companies, as well as leverage patient data through a whole new level of customisation.

Read more to find out how these new tools promise to transform the healthcare industry amid the COVID-19 emerging crisis.

1. Provider Relationship Management Service

Provider Search Tool 

This search feature helps medical staff, carers and third party users find the best healthcare solution for the patient. It offers a range of criteria, which can be filtered to match a specific location, capability, cost or availability to a patient’s needs.

Provider Relationships

The Provider Relationships tool enables healthcare organisations to keep track of relationships with medical professionals and get comprehensive information about a provider such as networks, affiliations, education history, operating hours and more. 

2. Einstein Analytics 

Built in line with industry regulations, the new Einstein Analytics feature is specifically designed for healthcare managers to help improve health outcomes and leverage patient data by analysing healthcare plans, referral results or referral time lengths.

3. Destinations 

Destinations is an integration tool available in the Salesforce AppExchange program and built in partnership with Bridge Connector.  It enables healthcare organisations to integrate existing internal data into the Salesforce Health Cloud without using any code. 

The role of Health Cloud amid COVID-19 spread

In an open letter released yesterday, Salesforce also announced that emergency response teams, call centres and care management teams working for health systems affected by Coronavirus will get free access to their data resource hub through Health Cloud.

Tableau, a platform acquired by Salesforce last year, has developed this free data resource hub using case data from the World Health Organisation, John Hopkins University and Centres for Disease Control and Prevention. The scope of granting free access is to provide real-time data about COVID-19 and coordinate efforts both locally and globally.

Prepare your organisation

Given the high level of uncertainty posed by the recent Coronavirus outbreak, now is the time to transform your healthcare organisation and gain access to invaluable data that could be life-saving.

As certified Salesforce partners, Purus Consultants can help you extend your outreach across a whole ecosystem, ensuring you can proactively collaborate with your patients, providers and employees. We offer bespoke Salesforce Health Cloud implementation, development and support, to match your organisation’s needs. 

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