Transform the way your healthcare business runs by implementing Salesforce Health Cloud. Create stronger relationships between patients, and care providers when you implement Health Cloud by Salesforce. Empower caregivers and give them the tools to see their patients as valued customers who have choices on who they trust with the health of themselves and their family. Seize new opportunities and face the new challenges of today’s healthcare industry with Salesforce Health Cloud. Enhance the quality of care you provide to patients and innovate.

Salesforce Health Cloud with Purus

Whether you wish to implement Health Cloud, Sales Cloud or Pardot, Purus offer bespoke implementation, development, support and training services that can be tailored to the needs of your business.

The Benefits of Health Cloud

Create unique one-to-one patient journeys

Every patient is a person. Understand them through a connected experience - from acquisition to care coordination, stay connected through every touch point.

Collaborate across a healthcare ecosystem

Have a single view of each patient across teams of healthcare professionals, partner affiliates, and employees, and deliver an exceptional patient experience.

Win member trust with a connected experience

Anticipate member needs with intelligence to deliver proactive care. Deepen member relationships with a connected experience from sales and enrollment, to administrative and clinical support.

Deliver smart, simple, and personalised engagement

Connect employer groups, brokers, provider networks, and employees on a single, intelligent platform, and create a path forward together in today's era of shared-risk.

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