Purus Consultants Are Working Remotely

Since COVID-19 was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organisation a few weeks back, we decided that remote working would be the best thing to do to protect ourselves and those around us. While the virus has led a lot of businesses to rethink their overall strategy and operations, this hasn’t stopped us from doing what we do best: SALESFORCE.

As a company, Salesforce has been promoting remote working for years, and what better way to show us how useful their tools are? As certified Salesforce partners, we  have been relying on their software for years, but more so in light of the recent events. 

Our whole working system is in the Salesforce Cloud, within reach to all of our team members. Salesforce Community Cloud, in particular, has never been more useful, as it continues to help us stay connected and share information between ourselves and with our clients at the touch of a button.

Although we’re working from home, we still operate business as usual, but have moved most of our activities online. We are now conducting virtual scoping sessions for our clients. Ideally, scoping should be done face to face, but we have taken a new approach of shorter bursts of requirements gathering on Zoom; for example, 4 x 2 hours sessions running over the course of a week. 

We understand that many businesses are struggling to cope with the situation and are trying to find workarounds to continue to operate efficiently. We consider ourselves lucky to still be able to help our clients during these uncertain times and we hope our fellow businesses throughout the UK are doing okay. 

The entire Purus team would like to thank all the key workers out there who put themselves at risk everyday by going to work, just so that we can retain some sense of normality in our daily routines. We hope you are all staying safe!

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