How To Capitalise Remote Working Using Salesforce Tools

The global shift to working from home in early 2020 gave many the opportunity to experience the reality of remote work – both the benefits and the setbacks. And while there are indeed downsides of working out of office (a study shows that half of all employees have experienced technology issues while working remotely), the upsides are also evident in the work-life balance it affords. Research conducted by Microsoft indicated that 46% of employees would consider a move given this would not necessitate finding a new job.

Judging by the numbers, companies that fail to accommodate (and capitalise) remote working run the risk of losing employees to those businesses that will. According to Microsoft, an estimated 41% of employees considered leaving their jobs in 2021, giving rise to the term “The Great Resignation”. 

Hybrid work, which by its very nature includes remote work, is inevitable. And companies that cater to employees in this regard will realise the advantages remote work can offer. We’ve put together a list of useful Salesforce tools to help staff navigate and get the most out of remote working.

  1. Salesforce Chatter

Chatter is part of the Salesforce offering, and is a great communication tool. It offers a number of practical features designed to keep your employees connected. Chatter is versatile and can be used both as a networking platform, and a safe hub for staff or executives to share information and files.

You might already be using Salesforce reports and dashboards to keep track of your projects. If you’re in need of further insights and updates, look no further than Chatter. The tool provides a top-level view of the progress on key accounts. It is incredibly user-friendly and lends itself to a remote work environment by allowing you to approve reports and update orders directly from your chat feed.

  1. Salesforce Quip

Salesforce Quip is the practical solution to the difficulty that is remote collaboration. This tool enables teams to work together across a wide range of documents. With embedded office suite functionality as well as custom live apps, Quip allows your staff to easily boost their remote productivity and resolve complex issues faster by collaborating with each other in one dedicated place. 

Quip has its own tab in the Salesforce Service or Sales Cloud interface, meaning you and your team can share updates and coordinate on projects from any location.

  1. Tableau for Salesforce Reporting

Tableau is a secure, flexible, and hyper-detailed visual analytics tool for data reporting. It has built-in integration with Salesforce, allowing Tableau reports and dashboards to be embedded into Salesforce itself. Because Tableau works with particulars that reside outside of the Salesforce database, it is a great reporting tool for medium to large companies looking to expand their reporting capabilities. 

Having access to third party data via Tableau gives staff and management access to valuable insights before making key sales decisions. Reports and dashboard information can be viewed from any offsite location through the cloud, on both desktop and mobile devices, ensuring access to a wealth of data from the comfort of your office-at-home.

Make Salesforce Work for You

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