Migrate People From Desk.com To Service Cloud 

Providing the best customer service is a key element for a business. If you have a service or product to offer, post purchase customers are likely to communicate with you if they’re looking to upgrade, need support on a product or need to make a complaint. Customer service can be approached through various sources such as phone, email, social media and online chat. With messages coming from various places, it can become hard to manage and monitor. That is why businesses are turning to an all-in-one cloud solution such as Salesforce Service Cloud. 


What Is Salesforce Service Cloud? 

Salesforce Service Cloud is a customer relationship management (CRM) software solution that integrates call centre, online helpdesk, community and social media data into one place. As its name suggests, the Service Cloud is a cloud solution that can be accessed by your team anywhere they need to. No matter which platform a customer contacts your team, information about the individual will be ready in Service Cloud to ensure a fast and personalised performance. Agents also have access to the customer’s product and communication history while extra product information is linked from various departments such as marketing and sales.



Salesforce announced that Desk.com would be discontinued in 2020. The help desk software has aided businesses with 1-to-1 interactions with their customers and made it simple to respond on social media. The introduction of Service Cloud aims to improve on the customer communications interface found in Desk.com with data taken from the various clouds in Salesforce all in one place. Ensuring all your data is ready to move to Service Cloud is important as you don’t want your agents switching back and forth between services until 2020.

The thought of migrating your customer base into Service Cloud can seem daunting after using Desk.com for so long. However, Salesforce have options in place to make the transition as seamless as possible. We look at what you need to do to migrate people from Desk.com to Service Cloud.

Consider Your Data

You must start by examining the data you have. As Service Cloud is building on from Desk.com it has many similar objects and many will correspond with each other. For example, Desk.com Companies will migrate to Accounts, Customers will be Contacts and Cases is also Cases in Salesforce. Case Interactions in Service Cloud are emails, phone calls, tweets messages etc.

When selecting data to migrate your need to consider:

  • Do you need all current records or just a subset?
  • Are there custom fields that need to be re-created or map to existing fields?
  • Do you need to complete a data cleanup necessary?
  • Can you complete the above processes during the migration or can you complete it in Service Cloud?

It’s important to prepare meticulously for your migration as you don’t want to be making quick decisions that hamper the process. Talk to other administrators and managers to see if they have any requirements regarding the migration of data.


Migration Strategies

To complete a migration without issue we recommend you partner with Purus. We are a registered Salesforce partner who are experts with the CRM, but have also been consultants with Desk.com. We know exactly what you need for a smooth migration, so you can continue interacting with your customers.

Salesforce has tools available to complete the migration in-house.


Desk to Service Cloud Migration Tool 

The Desk to Service Migration Tool is available through the AppExchange. This easy-to-use app handles data migrations fast to avoid minimal disruption and is great for a new Service Cloud org. The tool gives you a simple process for migrating core data and metadata from Desk.com to the Service Cloud. While it’s fast and easy to use, the tool has few options for field mapping and customisation and you cannot complete a custom data cleanup.

Service Cloud Migration Tool

The Service Cloud Migration tool is an open source version of the AppExchange tool which means it’s always improving. While easy to set up and customise, you require a developer that knows Java, JavaScript and Salesforce API to adjust to your needs. This also means migrations can take time because of a developer needing time to prepare the migration.

Data Loaders and Salesforce Knowledge Import Tool

Data Loader is a free Salesforce tool that handles complex data imports and exports and provides flexible field mapping. Desk.com can provide an export that is compatible with Salesforce Data Loader tool by emailing [email protected]

Salesforce Knowledge Import Tool is the easiest way to migrate knowledge base content. By using both tools, you can import large amounts of data in a migration is designed for your business. 

Using both tools requires multiple steps which some businesses may not prefer. Some object relationships can’t be created automatically, as you must do spreadsheet processing to complete your migration.

Choosing Your Strategy

Based on the options above, you must choose your strategy. While we recommend partnering with Purus to complete the migration, test each option out if you do it in-house. This will help you understand the pros and cons of each based on your specific needs. Focus on the resulting of your data so you know how the data will look at the end of the process.

Setup a sandbox to complete a dry-run of your migration. Salesforce has information on sandbox types and templates to create one but Purus can also support on this. You should document every step of your test migration so you know exactly what to do when you migrate to Service Cloud for real.


On Migration Day

When you reach the date of migration, you will have completed one successful migration. You’ll know exactly how long it will take to migrate people to the Service Cloud and all their data. 

Define your cut-over time and agree a date move your agents to Service Cloud when your new system is ready. This helps create a timeline where you can set times for the movement of essential people data, including records and custom fields. Cases aren’t required immediately after your cut-over data can be added after the migration.

If you’ve been using Desk.com and want an easy migration to Salesforce Service Cloud, you need Purus. Our experts will work with you to ensure your Salesforce is designed and implemented to your business needs. Get in touch with us today to let Purus get your business ready for Salesforce migration.

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