Best Apps To Boost Salesforce Usability

Since Salesforce was first released, there have been many sublime apps which have been created to be compatible or ready to integrate with Salesforce. Here at Purus, we are experts within this field. We’re here to help and advise you on how to get the most out of your CRM investment. 

With Salesforce becoming the foundation for over 150,000 businesses globally to help them construct their marketing and customer relation programs. One of the main reasons Salesforce is becoming so popular is because it can easily be optimised for apps to implement its software, which increases the range and depth of service available for users of advanced CRMs. Here, we highlight our favourite 6 must-have Salesforce apps your business should highly consider right now.


SUMO Scheduler

This clever app is native to Salesforce and does all the hard, time-consuming duties when it comes to scheduling customer appointments. It allows your customers to schedule their appointments and it syncs into your calendar automatically. Appointments have a significant increase in customers attending due to SUMO’s automated phone, email and text alerts, which can also be personalised with your company’s branding.


SUMO Scheduler is available on the latest platforms and includes social feeds, drag-and-drop appointment and the feature to be able to edit individual users and/or teams.



GridBuddy is a must-have when it comes to needing help simplifying complex CRM processes. GridBuddy provides all the important data in a simple and single, editable grid which has proven to improve sales productivity enormously. It provides inline editing in Salesforce, efficient forecasting and pipeline management with a 360 customer view.



PeopleImport is essential for keeping your Salesforce CRM clean and organised. It can add contacts and leads from different campaigns and lead generation activities, which can normally become a difficult and time-consuming task. With PeopleImport, this task becomes quick and easy. 


PeopleImport gives you peace of mind when it comes to processing lists of contact information and lead data, which can prevent duplicates from being created due to acting as a filter. It allows you to perform custom comparisons between existing and new data, keeping only the most reliable and accurate customer and prospect data. 



Pardot is a B2B marketing automation platform which helps you manage your marketing process more efficiently and syncs to your Salesforce CRM with ease. With features such as engagement tracking, lead nurturing, prospect grading and scoring, Pardot is a brilliant app to integrate into your Salesforce CRM.


You can track and measure the effectiveness of your campaign straight from your Salesforce dashboard, allowing you to understand the impact your campaign(s) have on your business. 



Did you know, over 15% of emails used in individual marketing lists are either fake or invalid, which can lead to your emails getting flagged as spam. To ensure your email marketing campaigns run effectively, you need some sort of email verification process in place. 


BriteVerify finds and validates whether email addresses you collect are genuine in real-time. It can be implemented into your system along with Salesforce to ensure your customer data is genuine, so you can get the most out of your campaigns. It can collect data from different types of data entry CTAs, such as email sign-ups and contact forms. 



Resco is a simple app designed to allow you to stay connected to your data when you do not have access to the internet, allowing you to access your Salesforce data offline. Regardless of having an internet connection or any sort of connectivity, Resco allows you to view, create, modify and delete data at any time. Perfect for people who are always on the go, which makes Resco one of the most useful Salesforce apps for businesses.

Although implementing these apps can help benefit the sales of your business, overloading your Salesforce build with too many can cause complications and potential problems. Carefully pick and choose the apps you wish to adopt over time, to power up your sales. Purus can act as Salesforce Support to ensure the running remains smooth when new changes are made.

For more information on our Salesforce Services, contact Purus today.

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