Salesforce Winter ‘23 Release: Everything You Need to Know

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The Salesforce Winter ‘23 Release is now live. This means only one thing: hundreds of new and exciting Salesforce features designed to make CRM, marketing, and the customer experience more effective and efficient. 

The new release includes innovative software to power your company’s growth, making automated processes easier and more streamlined. Depending on your industry and role, there are countless features that will no doubt appeal to you. To narrow it down, we’ve chosen to shine a spotlight on five of the key features you need to check out in the new Salesforce Winter Release.

1. TikTok Integration

Love it or hate it, TikTok has become a significant channel for social media marketing. To enhance these digital marketing efforts, Salesforce’s new feature offers dynamic ads for TikTok, automating videos with sales products in-app. 

This means, as a retailer, you can add and launch TikTok as a sales channel and publish products directly from the Salesforce Commerce Cloud. It helps businesses reach new audiences while acquiring analytics through the Salesforce platform.

This integration expands on Salesforce’s existing channel integration, including Instagram and Facebook. It makes social media marketing a more seamless effort from platform to platform, giving users across your social channels a more cohesive, well-rounded experience.

2. External Action

Offering no-code, low-code and full-code options, the External Action tool enables marketers to incorporate third-party marketing technology. In simple terms, this means you can combine your services with any additional apps that serve a purpose within your marketing strategy, allowing users to perform any external actions on these apps.

3. Carbon Credit Allocation

With Net Zero Cloud, you can monitor and aim to reduce your carbon emissions. The tool gives sustainability managers a comprehensive overview of carbon credit purchases, allocations and utilisation. 

Beyond this, Carbon Credit Allocation means sustainability marketing efforts finally have honest, accurate data to work with to communicate their progress and reports to stakeholders and the public.

4. Broadcast Communication

With enhanced communication tools, the Salesforce marketing software allows you to notify both internal and external stakeholders about any business updates. The CRM service includes email, digital channels and self-service communication sites.

5. Dynamic Forms Enhancement

Arguably one of the most versatile of the new features, Dynamic Forms Enhancement caters to both Salesforce developers and sales teams. The new innovative software enables you to migrate the fields and sections from page layouts as individual components.

It makes creating a dynamic form a lot easier, giving you the ability to display only the fields and sections that your users and customers need. This increases flexibility, makes for a better customer experience, and helps you customise your forms to display exactly what you want on page layouts.

Get the Most Out of Salesforce

The new features within the Salesforce Winter ‘23 Release are in addition to the features Salesforce already offers, meaning that improving your customer offering and overall experience has never been easier.

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