How Can Salesforce Integration Benefit Your Business?

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Depending on your business size and sector, you may need just a few tools and systems to operate, or you may need numerous. Either way, one thing is certain: as you scale, you will inevitably require bigger and better operating systems, more specialised tools, and automated and optimised workflows.

Enter Salesforce. The number one cloud-based CRM globally, Salesforce brings customers, staff and business operations together onto one platform. This not only mitigates the need for various different business tools and applications, but also allows staff to operate with more efficiency and customers to enjoy a smoother user experience.

If you’re struggling to integrate Salesforce into your business, here are five signs you need a Salesforce consultant. 

The big benefits of Salesforce implementation include:

1. A Central Data Point

Salesforce is unbeaten when it comes to third-party app integration. When you consolidate all your existing business apps through Salesforce, you can view all relevant data in one central location. Because of its flexibility and ease of customisation, Salesforce is capable of data collation regardless of company sector or size.

2. Increased Productivity

Even before staff are fully up to speed on Salesforce, productivity should see an increase. The CRM software naturally saves time by reducing data entry – especially in those cases where data may otherwise need to be stored in two separate sources.

Incredibly accurate data means manual mistakes are minimised, and the wealth of support and tools available on Salesforce ensures your team always has whatever they might need.

3. Valuable Quantitive and Qualitative Data

Salesforce provides access to both quantitative and qualitative data. Sales, marketing and finance teams have a shared overview of any data that may be important to their role, and business managers have the ability to report and share data. Working with accurate, real-time data makes spotting trends and implementing insights easier than ever before.

4. The Right Tools to Make the Right Decisions

Decision-making should never come down to guesswork, intuition or biased opinions. Usable and relevant data is able to provide a single source of truth, built from customer behaviour, trend analysis and business insights. The clean, clear view this provides, allows for effective decision-making and better long-term results.

5. Future-proof Your Systems

Completely eliminate repetitive tasks from your business. These types of tasks only create opportunities for human error, and can be automated start-to-finish with Salesforce integration. Not only do automated workflows free up time and resources, but they enable you to build up your current and future business processes on the most used CRM platform in the world.

The Importance of Integration

Salesforce integration is not only beneficial in its own right, but the Salesforce AppExchange, provides access to a host of third-party apps and tools designed for all sorts of general and niche business uses.

The Use of Third-Party Apps Through Salesforce

Salesforce AppExchange gives businesses app options beyond app options. This includes some of the most used apps, such as QuickBooks, Asana, LinkedIn, HubSpot, Dropbox and WhatsApp, as well as hyper-specific apps built to serve one singular business function.

Using Apps Through Salesforce

Zapier is an integration tool that lets you automate processes and utilise apps without any Salesforce developer needs. By authenticating Zapier and Salesforce, you can use one app as a trigger and the other as the recipient, seamlessly sending information between the two. Salesforce and Zapier integration takes less than two minutes.

Implementing and Integrating Salesforce

If you’d like to implement Salesforce, but have any questions, concerns or hesitations, consider partnering with a Salesforce consultant. We are dedicated to helping you build excellently executed CRM strategies. 

At Purus, our Salesforce consulting services include:

To find out more about Salesforce, reach out to a Purus Salesforce consultant today. Get in Touch.

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