Five Signs You Need A Salesforce Consultant

Salesforce is a CRM platform designed to streamline your business processes and operations. It offers any business a wealth of features and tools to enable the building and nurturing of strong customer relationships. As the world’s leading cloud-based CRM, getting everything you can out of Salesforce will give your business the edge and help you stay ahead of competition.

However, effective Salesforce implementation isn’t quite as easy as plug-in-and-play. Finding and working with a Salesforce consultant such as Purus means you have an expert on hand, both for implementation and training purposes. If you’re not sure that hiring a consultant is right for you, here are five signs that you might need one:

1. The Platform Feels Too Complicated 

If only a few members of your staff have prior experience with a CRM system, your team might have a hard time adapting to the platform. Without appropriate Salesforce training, it can feel arduous and overwhelming rather than a helpful system created to streamline operations. This can result in delays, frustration and wasted potential.

With the right guidance your team will quickly master and take full advantage of all the features offered by Salesforce. Hiring a consultant to help you with your Salesforce onboarding and training makes for faster and more effective implementation in a scalable way, allowing your team to complete tasks quicker and with better results.

2. You Can’t Utilise the System’s Full Capabilities

Implementing Salesforce into your operations and leaving it at that merely scratches the surface. Unless you and your team are familiar with the capabilities of the software, you will always be limited by what you can achieve. It is a highly flexible, scalable platform, with countless features and functionality. Introducing these features to your team is only effective if you understand what they do and how they work. A Salesforce consultant with expert knowledge will help you build a tailor-made platform, which will enable you to leverage the full potential of Salesforce for your business.

3. Your Sales are Stagnating or Declining

A lack of sales is an issue too big to ignore. Revenue is the foundation on which a business is built and if your sales aren’t going up, it’s worthwhile considering a relook at your strategy. 

Working with a Salesforce consultant will help you review your sales strategy and execution. They’ll assist you to automate processes, access and analyse information, and create reports that you can use to plan, execute, and oversee a successful sales strategy.

4. Implementing Salesforce Feels Too Time-Consuming 

Without a Salesforce partner, business users face the uphill task of learning the features, functions, and niche nuances of the system. This takes time that is better used on important tasks like planning business growth and scaling the company.

5. You’re Struggling with Your Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is one of the biggest influencers of a company’s reputation. Not only does it help retain customers, but it also counts towards gaining new consumers and growing your market share. 

An excellent customer experience is the end result of a fully optimised Salesforce system. Hiring a Salesforce consultant helps you achieve exactly that, directly improving customer satisfaction and the overall customer experience.

Find the Right Salesforce Consultant For Your Business

If you’re struggling to implement Salesforce – or you’re thinking about moving towards the platform – consider partnering with a Salesforce consultant. We are dedicated to helping you build excellently executed CRM strategies. 

Our Salesforce consulting services include:

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