Einstein Activity Capture

What is Einstein Activity Capture?

It is essentially a tool that allows you to capture, then synchronise your emails, events and contacts between your Google or Microsoft email account and Salesforce.

How does the Sync work?

Once set up, any Events or Emails sent or received by a user will be captured in Salesforce and are visible in the activity timeline on related records. If it’s switched on, Contacts are synced, and Contact records are created and stored in Salesforce. Any email data captured by Salesforce here is stored in a public cloud provider, so it doesn’t eat into your storage space (but does mean that they aren’t stored as activity records and are therefore not reportable).

How do I get it?  

The good news is that Einstein Activity Capture Standard is free to up to 100 Sales Cloud Users!

You should check the system requirements here prior to following the setup. Once that’s done, your system admin can follow the steps here.

If you’d like some assistance with getting Einstein Activity Capture set up for your Organisation, get in touch, we’d be glad to help.

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