How to use Einstein Search in Salesforce

Einstein Search is one of the newest features made available to Salesforce customers… Continue to read and we will share more details on what Einstein Search is all about.

What is Einstein Search?

Einstein Search is an improved version of the traditional global search feature within Salesforce. This is more of an intelligent search, which increases your overall chances of finding what you want. Einstein Search allows the users of Salesforce to update records that are returned out of the search results within a short period of time. With the help of Einstein Search, you will be able to reduce the total number of clicks that you have to follow when getting common tasks completed in the application. For example, this new feature will help you to record activities and update opportunities within the shortest possible time.

How does Einstein Search work?

. Here’s a quick overview of the three powerful features provided by Einstein Search.

  • Natural language search queries

You don’t have to keep any specific search queries in mind as you search for things on Salesforce. That’s because you have the freedom to search for something with natural language. For example, assume that you want to get see all Leads in the UK. Then you just need to search for “All leads in UK”. This will provide you with the list of leads that you are looking for.

  • Delivering personalized search results

You can save your time when using Einstein Search due to the presence of personalized search results. In other words, you will see the most relevant search results to you on the top of the search results. For example, if you are a sales manager in the USA, you will be able to see your leads in the USA first. On the other hand, sales managers in the UK will be able to see leads from their country first.

  • Updating records from your search results

Einstein Search is learning from each and every search you perform. In other words, it will continue to update records from the search results. Due to the presence of this feature, you can quickly enter or update records when compared to the previous version of the search.

How to enable Einstein Search?

The good news about Einstein Search is that it is available for all Salesforce customers to use for free. Hence, you don’t have to keep any second thoughts in mind when you are activating Einstein Search. To activate Einstein Search, you should go to your Salesforce account “Setup”, and then enter Einstein Search in the search bar. From there, you will be able to navigate to the “Permissions” menu and enable Einstein Search. To get the best results, you should enable Einstein Search, Natural Language Search, and Actionable Results from the search menu and hit on Save button.

Next, move to the “Manage Assignments” section, where you can assign the permission to all the users who will use Einstein Search. After you’ve done that, you can notify your Salesforce users of this new and impressive functionality and watch as they enjoy all the benefits that come along with it. This is a feature that your users will truly love.

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