What is Salesforce MFA?

To increase security and ensure your information is safe at all times, Salesforce has implemented MFA as a contractual obligation from February 1, 2022. MFA (multi-factor authentication) is a hyper-secure method of proving a user’s identity when logging in.

What is MFA?

Multi-factor authentication, (typically referred to as MFA), means that in order to access a system, one must go through two or more login steps to prove they are the account owner or a linked user.

The first factor normally involves the username and password (which combined count as one), while the second is a verification method which is linked to something the user has in their possession, such as a temporary one-time passcode sent via email or SMS.

Other second factor verification methods include the Salesforce Authenticator app which, once set up, allows the user to approve the attempted login at the touch of a button.  

What is the difference between MFA and 2FA?

2FA stands for two factor authentication. Both MFA and 2FA protect against unauthorised access, but MFA may require more than two factors and provides options for a number of different authentication procedures. 2FA only requires two factors.

Why is MFA important for Salesforce?

Protection of customer data is of the utmost importance to Salesforce, especially with the rise of differing cyber attacks. Usernames and passwords alone no longer provide the level of protection required to combat phishing attacks and similar threats. Further, the ease with which attackers can intercept email and SMS authentication messages (around which two factor authentication was based) makes MFA the most secure way to prohibit unauthorised access to Salesforce.

With Salesforce MFA, company and customer data is extremely secure. Even if login credentials are stolen or compromised, multi-factor authentication ensures an additional protection level and the inability to finalise login.

Is MFA a requirement for Salesforce?

From February 1, 2022, Salesforce has made MFA a requirement in order to access Salesforce products. This means that all users who log in to any Salesforce product through the user interface will need to use MFA for every login. 

How do I Implement MFA?

Salesforce have released a Trailhead module detailing the set up of MFA functionality here.

If you require any assistance, feel free to book an appointment with one of our Salesforce consultants here. We’d love to help you with the roll out and make the introduction of MFA as seamless as possible.

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