Our 2020 Tips & Insights for Salesforce

2019 is leaving us behind as yet another decade comes to an end. 2020 promises to be a big year for businesses taking advantage of everything on offer from a CRM. So what do you need to know ahead of the new year? Here are our top 2020 tips for Salesforce.


1. Focus on Data-Driven Sales

Companies are always looking to build permanent sources for a competitive advantage. Traditional management literature has always said businesses should search for it through pricing, operational environments and the features of a product. These days, superior customer experience is seen as a long-lasting advantage for businesses.

Throughout 2020, businesses will put a greater focus on having a well-aligned data-driven sales and marketing machine. While it takes time to get this right in a way that is effective for a business, it’s a hugely valuable asset for any business. With Salesforce, this is possible if all departments have access to the same sales data as the marketing team. 

In 2020, more businesses will take this seriously, making it something every size organisation must put greater focus on.


2. Look to Creative Outreach

Customer service has moved towards the multi-channel approach and we expect this to go further than just being part of customer service. In terms of B2B marketing, we expect it to be utilised at the beginning of the sales funnel – instead of the typical phone calls and emails. With less noise in the channel, a business can stand out more.

In 2020, you’ll see messaging services, videos and even direct mail grow in popularity. Don’t be surprised if you see other B2B marketers sending out free gifts to potential leads.


3. Artificial Intelligence still offers huge potential

AI is at the heart of Salesforce but not everyone is utilising this technology. In fact, research from Salesforce found that only 21% of US marketers are using it while in the UK that number is 31%. However, across Europe those numbers push into the high 30s, leaving Britain behind.

Businesses must take advantage of the AI capabilities offered by Salesforce, especially with Einstein being an important part of the software. By utilising AI, you can connect better with your customers and personalise their customer journey even further.

AI can also support in other areas of business productivity. Using the data it collates, it can also inform you of what can be done to improve a product, if it isn’t doing as well as expected with clients. 


4. Scaled Personalised Sales Approach

Personalisation can only really happen when in tandem with real-time sales data. To do this, Salesforce users must log more detailed workflows for various prospects based on certain events, including buying signals.

With better logging of such information, sales reps can act on particular triggers and personalise pitches appropriately. For example, if the decision-maker changes for a business in the ideal customer profile, this would trigger a series of tasks that changes the typical content and messaging you’d usually use in the sales process.


5. Tailored campaigns for Generation Z

A big part of 2020, especially for B2C marketers will be the Generation Z – those born in the mid-to-late 90s and early 2000s. The youngest of the demographic is  teenagers, who can consciously gain an understanding of the requirements of a product. With this group coming of age, businesses must interact with and listen to this category of consumer.

While older generations have already got nearly everything they wanted, conversely Gen Z aren’t too interested in the latest news. Meanwhile, millennials have now reached the level where they can spend.

Gen Z are digital natives and have full access to the latest technologies and use them in everyday life – they will be expecting a website that works seamlessly for them. They master things a lot faster than previous generations, whilst also detecting flaws quicker.

This generation is also more concerned about the environment which will need to be considered in products and marketing.When designing your storefront and even your logo, you must take Gen Z into consideration. What will appeal most to a newer generation you’re targeting?


6. Implement Conversational Marketing

Conversational marketing is set to take off in 2020. Businesses are already interacting with their customers/clients through phone, email and social media but there is more that can be done. There are two parts of a conversational marketing program:

  • Human-led conversations: Sales reps can interact directly with live conversations.
  • Chatbots: AI communication processes that can scale engagement of visitors. This is great for surfacing content, booking content and asking questions to visitors who qualify for certain things.

With conversational marketing in place, marketers and customers have a closer connection with communication feels almost instant. In Salesforce, targeted leads can be tracked on site and treated to a more personalised approach to get them converted into loyal customers faster.

2020 is set to be a great year for sales teams using Salesforce Sales Cloud and Pardot. For more advice on making the most of 2020, get in touch with Purus today.

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