10 Reasons to Use Salesforce

What is Salesforce CRM?

Salesforce is the industry leader in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms. With its internet cloud based format, it is a system that can be used company-wide keeping everything about your company linked into one system, wherever you are based. There are a number of CRM platforms to choose from but there is only one that you need to focus your attention on. Here are 10 reasons to use Salesforce as the CRM platform for your business.


1. It’s the world’s #1 CRM Software

It’s always good to know that what you are using is the best, especially when it comes to your business. With Salesforce implementation, your business can move forward with an industry leader. Salesforce is being used by over 150,000 companies, who are all benefitting from the system five days a week. Our clients are more than happy with the platform, based on their feedback, so we know you will be happy with it too.


2. Salesforce brings everything you need in one package

It can be hard to implement everything into one streamlined package on your own, but with Salesforce it can be done with ease. The most important elements of your business (Sales, Customer Service, Marketing, Commerce, Teamwork and Communication) are all built into the same platform. No need to log into any other software, as you only need one log in to access Salesforce and all of the information you need. With easy Salesforce implementation, you can customise the platform and make it personal to your business. With quick Salesforce training, it can be implemented in no time at all.


3. You will sell faster and smarter with Salesforce

With the Salesforce setup, the #1 platform for sales can help build a trail to your business success. With Einstein Analytics artificial intelligence guiding you all the way, you can automatically capture data and get instant results as well as suggested actions and next steps. Productivity is accelerated as you can complete those important deals wherever you are. With faster and smarter sales, Salesforce can help your business grow.


4. Streamlined Customer Service

A customer hates it when they make a call and are told to, “Hold, please.” Your customer service can now be placed at your Salesforce desk as the cloud brings support to the customer. Assist your customer they way like it: over the phone, email, live web chat and even SMS. Each customer case will have the details available at a glance from any department because of the Cloud. With Salesforce Desk.com integration as well, your case management will be more organised than ever.


5. One unified, consumer-centric marketing platform

Marketing is all about communication and knowing who your customers are. After all, you need to engage with them regularly. With Salesforce, you can personalise the entire experience across every method of communication. You can build a complete one-to-one journey with every consumer, giving them that personal touch. The Einstein AI can help identify those customers most likely to engage with certain aspects, allowing for greater planning. With Salesforce, it is easy to form and execute cross-channel campaigns whether that being B2C or B2B.


6. Seamless Shopper Journeys

Customers want a shopping experience they remember but also one that is personal and efficient. Salesforce can do just that. You will conquer personalisation with Einstein Analytics – this software provides a shopping experience that is tailored to the customer. With the faster opportunities offered by the cloud, you can speed up your day-to-day operations. This means you can launch new and sites and adopt new features with time-saving ease. This allows your shoppers to benefit from your constant innovation.


7. Collaborate and communicate for business success

As for staff, your business will thrive if you can communicate all in one place. With the Quip platform firmly placed within the Salesforce platform, teams can communicate with each other in an experience that works just as well on mobile as it does on desktop. Your content can evolve as you reinvent your documents to suit your needs with integrated chat, checklists and project management. With full Salesforce customisation available, it’s time to take control of your workflow and collaboration solutions.


8. Find and create applications to suit your business

The Salesforce setup allows you to find the applications that you need for your business, easily. If you don’t find something to suit your requirements, create your own app that offers a unique experience that other competitors do not. With your customer data already integrated into the system, you can build those applications around your customers.


9. Doesn’t take an IT expert to use Salesforce

CRM platforms can be incredibly complicated but they shouldn’t be. With Salesforce, you do not need to be a technical whizz to be able to manage it. However, with all systems, you will need that support from time to time. At Purus, our Salesforce support services can help support you if an issue arises.


10. Purus Consultants will be with you every step of the way

From development to implementation to support and training, Purus Consultants will be there from day one to make sure your Salesforce experience is perfect. Our Salesforce services are run by our excellent team of experts who will make sure your every need is met.


Now you have seen the 10 reasons why you must use Salesforce, get in touch to see how we can work together to get Salesforce implemented into your business.


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