The Advantages of Salesforce Over Other CRMs

Every business endeavours to offer their customers the best service possible. But this is often easier said than done – if you’re a small business, resource limitation can have an effect on your standard of customer service, and big corporations need to try and manage customer data across numerous departments and touchpoints.

Enter customer relationship management software. CRM software brings customer data into one centralised platform, giving full customer overview to the departments that need it. Salesforce is the world’s number one CRM platform, and for good reason: the highly adaptable software is suited to businesses of any size in any industry.

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What makes Salesforce software the CRM platform of choice for so many businesses? It offers the following advantages:

The Collection and Use of Customer Information

Salesforce is unmatched when it comes to the quantity and quality of customer information it extracts and applies. This is an essential benefit for two reasons:

  1. Customer information is highly organised. You can locate any required information within seconds and monitor segments like leads and prospective customers.
  2. Customer information is shared. Employees are given relevant access to information, allowing them to work smarter and more cohesively. This not only helps to highlight any blind spots in your processes, it makes the customer experience smooth and seamless. 

It is Extremely User-Friendly

To a large extent, the success of a CRM platform depends on its ease of use and adoption rate among employees. This cannot be more true for Salesforce. It has been designed in such a way that even companies with limited technical abilities can benefit from the platform. Instead, all necessary information is supplied in an intuitive, easy-to-understand way, reducing the learning curve and minimising any uptake problems.

Salesforce Scales Alongside Your Business

A good CRM platform solves the business needs of the present and positions a company to grow in the future. But outgrowing your CRM platform is far from ideal, and can create a ‘one step forward, two steps back’ scenario. This risk is non-existent with Salesforce. Regardless of your business size or growth rate, Salesforce has the capacity to scale up accordingly.

It is Flexible

Salesforce’s flexibility and customisation makes it beneficial for any business. It can integrate with all business models and provide reports and analytics specific to that business’ needs. 

What makes Salesforce superior to any other CRM in terms of flexibility is the ability to fully customise the platform. All page layouts, processes and workflows can be modified, giving users the freedom to set up the software to suit their exact requirements. Salesforce Cloud software enables employees to access the platform anytime and anywhere, only adding to its flexibility.

Salesforce Has a Wealth of Support & User Resources

Salesforce doesn’t just provide full CRM functionality, it also educates users through Trailhead (Salesforce’s free online training platform, Salesforce webinars, educational posts and other supportive material. These resources cover a wide range of topics and are, like the software itself, constantly updated. Further to their self-support, Salesforce have friendly, knowledgeable and helpful customer and tech support teams.

Strong Security & Easy Integration

As the world’s number one CRM platform, Salesforce provides the data security you would expect. Customer information is always protected, even when in use by employees. This level of security applies to businesses of all sizes – as does the ease of Salesforce integration. Not only this, Salesforce can run on any computer, tablet or smartphone, as long as you have an internet connection.

Salesforce Makes Time Management Simple

With a range of planning resources at your fingertips, the implementation of Salesforce comes with the benefit of better time management. Projects can be organised based on their importance or time sensitivity, and similar tasks can be grouped for easy execution. The built-in calendar gives a snapshot of the week and month to come, and makes scheduling upcoming work simple to streamline.

Put Salesforce into Action for Your Business

Many companies opt for a Salesforce CRM implementation and Consulting partner to help with implementation before anything goes live. At Purus, our Salesforce consulting services include:

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