Why You Need Salesforce Einstein Analytics

Salesforce is the best CRM in the world. Within the platform, incredible native analytics provide helpful and effective reports and dashboards. These are a massive help for all teams and businesses. However, within Salesforce aside from the native reports and dashboards, there is Einstein Analytics which can produce data to help further your business.

What is Salesforce Einstein

Salesforce Einstein is a range of artificial intelligence which allows users to analyse all the data within the platform. Einstein can automate reports, identify the needs within the workflow and also identify the effectiveness of each team within your business.

Whether you are using Salesforce platforms such as Salesforce Service Cloud or Salesforce Service Cloud, Einstein can build some effective reports for businesses to use when deciding their next steps. Purus have looked at why you need Salesforce Einstein analytics.


Salesforce Einstein is a Platform and Not Just a Tool

The built-in analytics in Salesforce is a powerful and flexible tool that is easy to configure and simple to learn. For most businesses that use the CRM, these reports and dashboards are the “go-to” for achieving quick wins. However, Einstein is a platform that focuses completely on analytics, building specialist and comprehensive reports.


Benefits of Salesforce Einstein Analytics

There are various benefits for your business for using Einstein Analytics.


Fast Set Up

Salesforce can be used out of the box for any business. Within minutes, advanced analytics can scrutinise your data, giving you instant results. This acceleration in your implementation of Salesforce will improve your ROI because of your customer-focused and data-driven work.

Customise Your Einstein Analytics

The platform can mould itself around your business needs. This is because Salesforce is a customisable CRM platform which meets you all the way. No matter what you need, it provides a full 360-degree view of your customer base.


Easy Integration of Data

Usually, with software, IT professionals are needed so that it can integrate with your current set of data. With Einstein Analytics, this isn’t the case. Every application and system on your Salesforce can incorporate analysis tools. The analytics apps are easy-to-use which leads to much faster results for users. Speed and usability as at the forefront of Einstein Analytics with the AI analysing millions of data combinations while producing extensive and presentable reports.


Analytics for all your Teams

With access to all the same data and reports, your team will come together much better. Einstein Analytics can connect your sales, marketing and service teams through the cloud-based platform. Analytics can be accessed and collaborated on by users with access across all teams. Charts can be annotated before being shared and discussed through the system.

Furthermore, the entire software is user-friendly, making it easy for teams to collaborate on dashboards and reports. Relevant information can be pulled in with all data live for all to see.


Unify Goals

With teams collaborating much quicker, your teams can develop a company-wide vision with objectives that they can allo strive for. This is because Einstein Analytics offers a pure insight that can be trusted and actioned. Tasks can be created through Salesforce, enabling for instant actions.


See the Big Picture and Predict the Future

Unifying and setting goals requires seeing all your data and looking at what will happen in the future. The innovative AI technology found within Einstein can do just that with its thorough sales analytics. The Sales Executive Dashboard gives sales teams an overview of all relevant data within your business, giving you an insight of all current sales operations.

Historical trends can then be used to forecast accurately the strategies that will be most effective with the leads you have. Einstein AI can automate those predictions which will continuously improve over time, the more data it receives.


Present Data The Right Way

At various points in the year, data needs to be presented to teams, managers, boards, clients and customers. Presenting complex data can be difficult but Salesforce Einstein can do this for you. Insights can be instantly turned into informative visuals that are perfect for those vital presentations.


Mobile Access

Nowadays, everything is mobile. The most efficient businesses have access to data wherever they are. Salesforce does just this. Einstein Analytics reports can be accessed anywhere, allowing teams to act on data at a precise moment. Scour through resources, review important data, and optimise campaigns all through a mobile device.


High Level of Data Protection 

With a cloud-based platform, businesses need to know that the data they store is safe. With regulations, such as GDPR in the EU, organisations need to prove they are taking the necessary steps with their cybersecurity. Salesforce Einstein Analytics uses the same cloud security processes as the main Salesforce Customer Success Platform – a platform trusted by over 150,000 businesses worldwide.


Save Money On Operating Costs

Installing on-site servers is costly and the maintenance is also a huge expense on a company. With a cloud-based analytics system, your data is stored entirely online the operating costs you’re saving can be better invested elsewhere.


Built-in Support 

Data analysis can be confusing for some, however, with Salesforce Einstein, there is always support available. Within the software, you will find built-in guides, tutorials and multi-channel support options. This helps your staff get everything they can out of your analytics platform.

Purus Consultants also provide comprehensive Salesforce training so all users are fully versed with the platform. Transitioning to a new CRM system can be difficult, which could lead to negative impacts on the business. With Purus, your team will be ready to make the most out of the system.


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