How To Get the Most From Salesforce – Top 4 Tips

Has your business, company or organisation recently implemented Salesforce and are now wondering how to maximise the investment? This blog aims to help businesses get the most from their Salesforce CRM and enable their sales teams to become more efficient. Whilst Salesforce is often talked about as key CRM tool for businesses, we often find businesses have implemented the system without any guidance on how to get the most from it and how to navigate the Salesforce ecosystem effectively. Whether you’re a startup or well-established business, there are always ways to utilise Salesforce to its absolute potential. Here are our top Salesforce tips on how to maximise your investment and improve the successes of your sales team.

 Make Salesforce Mobile

With the role of ‘sales’ becoming more demanding and high pressured than ever before, more businesses are incorporating a mobile sales strategy as part of their sales tactics. By harnessing Salesforce for mobile with it’s Mobile App, your sales team will be able to perform sales tasks on their phone, increasing their chances of success and make your business more agile to deal with modern day challenges. Also, utilising mobile will ensure your team is maximising every sales moment and make sure that they aren’t missing any opportunities. It’s actually suggested that “72% of high performing sales reps say being mobile is critical to success”, which reaffirms the fact that businesses need to be considering Mobile as a sales tactic in the near future.

With the Salesforce App you can run your sales strategy from a mobile phone. You can monitor sales activity, business leads and their customers with ease. The Salesforce app also allows for seamless integration with its partner apps making it less hassle if you use other mobile applications for sales. The platform also allows for custom personalisation, so a business is able to build custom mobile applications using ready-made components. For more information on how your business can utilise Salesforce for mobile, we recommend speaking with a Salesforce consultant, who will be able to direct you accordingly.  


Get Everyone To Adopt The CRM

After Salesforce is implemented, it’s vital to get your sales team using it as much as possible. Businesses can sometimes struggle to get team members to use Salesforce efficiently and effectively, especially in the first few months post-implementation. Each day that Salesforce sits unused or barely used by a team member, it is losing value. If adoption is not as fast as you’d have anticipated, it’s recommended to install an Adoption Dashboard to see what Salesforce features are being used, how often people are logging in, and how many sales activities are logged. If adoption is an issue, it may be due to the lack of Salesforce training – this is something that can be overcome fairly easily with some in-house bespoke training where users can work through any adoption issues

Alternatively, you can approach the situation by creating adoption strategies, this could involve incentivising your staff members to learn and use Salesforce every day. Show your Sales team how they can benefit from Salesforce and it will not only make their lives easier but it will also improve their sales performance.



Focus On The Features That Matter

Here at Purus Consultants we see many businesses taking on Salesforce and straight away look to add as many bells and whistles to their system as possible. Whilst it is encouraged to look at expanding your business’s CRM capabilities, it’s actually more important to get the basics right first. Businesses have the best intentions when they add as many features as technically possible in a short space of time, however Salesforce will work best when it’s as streamlined as possible, so fewer tabs, fewer fields and fewer functions. Ideally, a business should develop a Salesforce Workflow that works exactly to its requirements first, then over time as the business expands add features and functions to build on a workflow that is established.


When a business is choosing the tabs, fields, and functions that should remain on Salesforce, choosing ones that will improve the capabilities of your sales teams are the things that really matter. Salesforce should be really be implemented to make salespeople more productive and your business more efficient. Any distraction from that basis is a waste of time, money and effort.


Make Customisation Work For You 

One of the great things about Salesforce is it allows you to customise your workflows using process builders, a variety of custom objects and formula fields. However, don’t just customise workflows for the sake of it, the best practice is to create customisations that will actually streamline the workflow, making your CRM work harder for you and not create any unnecessary complications that slow the processes down. Sometimes if a workflow is already working well, it might not need any customisation. We highly recommend searching for free applications in the Salesforce AppExchange before starting any Workflow customisation as there may already be a workable out-of-the box application that solves any problems.


If you’d like to know more about harnessing the true potential of Salesforce get in touch with one of the team today.

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