The Benefits of Non Profit Cloud for NGOs (and Charities)

The Benefits of Non Profit Cloud for NGOs

Salesforce has cemented its status as the top CRM platform for companies across the globe. With countless business clients across a range of industries, it’s clear that Salesforce improves productivity and systems, and helps businesses reach their revenue goals.

But what about nonprofits, we hear you ask. By using Salesforce, NPOs can improve communication, increase fundraising, boost employee performance, provide better programs and services, and strengthen their communities.

Here are the six key benefits of using Salesforce as an NPO or charity:

Maximise Your Operational Effectiveness

Salesforce’s Non Profit Cloud boosts the operational efficiency of (almost) any workforce. By improving communication between team members and partners, Salesforce creates a strong dynamic that drives operational effectiveness and helps NPOs achieve their goals in a timely, realistic manner.

Work With Highly Accurate Data

Accurate reporting is crucial for any nonprofit organisation. NPOs and charities need to  keep track of fundraising activities, programs, seminars and donations. These reports have a big impact on the outcomes of NPOs, which is why using Salesforce for reporting is such a safe (and smart) choice.

Known for its accuracy and reliability, Salesforce can greatly benefit nonprofits by helping ensure that their data is always as accurate as possible.

Stay Hyper-Organised

The beauty of using Salesforce for nonprofits and charity management is that it helps streamline your plans and create organised, actionable processes. The Salesforce Non Profit Cloud has features to allow NPOs to design and customise workspaces for each team member.

By enabling the creation of personalised dashboards for different teams, Salesforce makes it easier for everyone to work cohesively and manage activities like fundraising.

Excellent Community Support

One of the best things about Salesforce is its massive community support. Should you face any issues, expert support is just a phone call or click away. With the Salesforce Non Profit Cloud, fundraising NPOs can access support anytime and anywhere.

Salesforce is Cost Effective

Another reason to use Salesforce for nonprofits: its affordability. With the “Power of Us” program, Salesforce offers very affordable products and programs specifically designed for nonprofits.

As part of this program, the first 10 subscriptions are free for nonprofits. This kind of support makes Salesforce an ideal partner, as it helps NPOs connect with their customers and expand their reach quickly and affordably.

Salesforce is Completely Customisable

The Non Profit Cloud software gives NPOs and charities the ability to tailor its features to their specific needs. While many nonprofits have similar working models, some have unique missions and requirements. This feature allows nonprofits to tailor the standard functionalities to better fit their specific goals and objectives, making it easier for them to achieve their targets.

Setting Up Salesforce In Your Business

If you’d like to implement Salesforce for your charity or NGO, please reach out to us at Purus. We would love to help you get the most out of the platform.

Our Salesforce consulting services include:


Speak to a Purus Salesforce consultant today and experience the benefits Salesforce can provide.: Get in Touch.

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