Salesforce Implementation 101: Expert Advice from a Certified Partner

salesforce implementation 101

As the world’s most popular customer relationship management (also known as CRM) platform, Salesforce is flexible, versatile, and offers benefits to businesses in virtually every industry. However, to use Salesforce to its maximum potential, business owners are encouraged to make use of a Salesforce partner.

Far from an added expense, this should be seen as a sound investment. Salesforce implementation partners play a critical role in helping businesses successfully integrate tailored Salesforce solutions. They bring expertise and experience to the table, helping companies navigate the complexities of Salesforce. With a certified partner, you can ensure a faster, more efficient implementation process, excellent staff training, and the full capabilities of the Salesforce suite.

How to Choose the Right Salesforce Partner

When choosing a Salesforce partner for your company, look for:

  1. Experience and expertise. A potential partner should have relevant industry experience and sound knowledge of Salesforce solutions to be able to provide the best possible service.
  2. Reputation and references are important to consider. A partner with a track record of successful implementations has credentials to prove their ability to deliver.
  3. Communication and collaboration are also essential. It is important to choose a partner with whom you can have open and clear communication throughout the implementation process.
  4. Finally, ask about ongoing support and maintenance. A partner who provides regular system updates and staff training can help ensure that you are getting the most out of your Salesforce solution.

The Importance of Finding the Right Salesforce Partner

Partnering with the wrong Salesforce consultant can lead to a host of problems, such as delayed timelines, budget overruns, and failed custom solutions. On the other hand, choosing the right partner has numerous positive impacts.

At Purus, we pride ourselves on a fast and smooth implementation process as well as our high level of staff training, which drastically increases the system uptake speed across the company. We like to provide guidance and support throughout the entire process, from planning right through to post-implementation.

Implementing Salesforce

The Salesforce implementation process usually involves several stages: planning, design, development, testing, and deployment. During the planning stage, we work together to define goals and objectives. Design will create a mockup of the solution, and development focuses on the building of the solution. Testing ensures that everything is working correctly, and finally, the solution is deployed to your end-users.

As your Salesforce partners, we would play a critical role in each stage of the implementation process. We work collaboratively with you to make sure the project stays on track and that the solution meets your specific needs.

Our Salesforce consulting services include:

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