Introducing Revenue Cloud

Revenue Cloud is the new, shiny product on the Salesforce market. It’s a powerful, flexible revenue management App that allows companies to streamline their revenue management and improve overall efficiency.

The COVID-19 pandemic gave the whole world a wake up call, and the impact is apparent across all levels of the business world. The pandemic means digital business models have been thrust to the forefront at a rapidly accelerated rate, as more customers move online and expect businesses to keep up. That’s where Revenue Cloud comes in. Whilst the app was already in the works, it’s also a direct response to the new digital business world and will give your customers the flawless buying experience they expect.

Here’s how Revenue Cloud allows you to take control of your revenue management:


More growth, less hassle

It all comes down to simplifying the B2B sales process. The new app is designed to get you from quote to secured revenue in record time. It equips you to oversee your sales data management and avoid time-consuming, repetitive tasks that aren’t cost-effective. It will boost revenue streams and improve efficiency by making more processes automatic, eliminating the need for sales teams to use a manual system. Automisation also minimises the risk of error and allows for more accurate projections and tracking.


A unified system

This app will allow companies to view revenue streams from other clouds on the same platform. This will unify the revenue model and create a seamless system that will keep your customers happy and reputation high. Tasks like billing, upselling, and creating online revenue can all be handled by Revenue Cloud.


Time-saving and flexible

Revenue Cloud is designed to make the buying process faster and easier. It will work in unison with your Salesforce system and enhance its ability to improve revenue efficiency. The app will free sales teams from repetitive manual editing, and will allow companies to connect their teams on a single platform that gives clear information. The data can be consistently updated, allowing for real-time pricing and accurate information that is available across all platforms and devices.

A clear picture

The data and information that is tracked by Revenue Cloud gives companies a clear representation of the who, what, and where of their revenue efficiency. The Lifecycle Management tool shows a clear visual dashboard of your customer purchases. It also keeps track of KPIs and recurring revenue automatically, offering clarity and transparency all round. It shows where companies should be channelling their revenue growth efforts, where discounts will be valuable and which routes will be the most cost-effective.


To sum up, Revenue Cloud will:

  • Automate revenue scheduling
  • Help you boost revenue streams
  • Free up your reps’ valuable time
  • Integrate with your current Salesforce system
  • Highlight where to focus your efforts
  • Get a clear picture of where your sales stand

For any further information or to find out how to get Revenue Cloud for your business, simply get in touch with the Purus team.

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