Salesforce Field Service Lightning

Connect your entire workforce, products and customers on one unified platform, and deliver amazing on-site service when you employ Field Service Lightning by Salesforce. Helping field workers manage their schedules and stay on top of their jobs has never been easier with the Field Service Lightning mobile app and communications service. When you choose Salesforce Field Service Lightning for your business, you’ll have the right tools you need, making managing work orders, scheduling, and your mobile workforce so much easier.

Salesforce Field Service Lightning with Purus

Whether you wish to implement Field Service Lightning, Service Cloud, Sales Cloud or Pardot, Purus offer bespoke implementation, development, support and training services that can be tailored to the needs of your business.

The Benefits of Field Service Lightning

  • Represent your field service technicians and add details about their availability, skills and service territories when you create service resources and service crews
  • Represent the regions where your technicians can work with multi-level service territories
  • Monitor the location and status of product inventory, warehouses, service vehicles, and customer sites
  • Schedule one-time or recurring work orders for customers. Add information about technician preference and required skills and parts
  • Create maintenance plans and templates that will standardise your field service tasks
  • Generate service reports to keep customers informed about service progress

Salesforce Field Service Lightning Features

Field Service Lightning Managed Package

Salesforce managed package offers advanced scheduling capabilities and builds on the standard objects. This also includes:

  • A scheduling optimiser. This will allocate resources to appointments in the most efficient way possible, and accounting for technician skill level, travel time, location, and other factors
  • A dynamic scheduling console that offers dispatchers and supervisors a bird’s-eye view of all scheduled appointments
  • Out-of-the-box scheduling policies and triggers that help you customise your scheduling model and display preferences

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Field Service Lightning work?

Field Service Lightning is an innovative field service management tool that allows you to manage work orders, scheduling and your entire mobile workforce. Create records for each of your field service operators with details about their skills, location and availability so the appropriate agent is dispatched to the job in hand. The smart system can also track the location of inventory, vehicles and locations as well as create maintenance plans and send out reports to customers.

How Can Salesforce Field Service Lightning support my business?

Salesforce Field Service Lightning is a highly powerful and customisable software that has a set of features that can get your business set up with a mobile friendly field service hub. This helps your firm’s customer service team provide technical support to customers and acts as a communication channel between them both.

Is Field Service Lightning expensive?

Field Service Lightning pricing depends on the package you require for your business. There are affordable options for contractors, mobile employees and dispatchers, giving you just what you need to complete your jobs. For a business looking to combine mobile employee and dispatcher packages, Field Service Lightning Plus gives you everything you need. Each package is available in Enterprise and Unlimited editions.

What are the main features of Field Service Lightning?

Field Service Lightning has three main sections that work together to give you a complete Field Service Management solution. These include core field service lightning features, scheduling and optimisation from a managed package, along with a mobile app for your mobile workforce.