5 Reasons to get Salesforce for your Small to Medium Sized Business

Why Should a Business Use Salesforce?

Salesforce is the world’s leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform. Using a cloud format, Salesforce applications are available to use for sales, services, marketing and more. For a small to medium-sized business, finding the right CRM service is vital to your everyday work. With over 150,000 companies using Salesforce, here are five reasons why Salesforce is perfect for your business.


1: Ease of use

With a user-friendly design, it does not require a technical expert to set up or manage. All you need is a log-in and you are connected to customers in seconds. With this simplistic design, you do not need an IT expert to set up and manage it. This ease of use means Salesforce is the perfect solution for understanding your customers’ needs, solve any issues that arise and identify great business opportunities within your marketplace.

Even if issues do arise, our experts are on hand to offer support for your Salesforce implementation.


2: Connecting your business to the world your way

With numerous integration options, you can integrate your current systems within the Salesforce platform itself. This can be done by building your own connected apps with helpful point-and-click tools which will help launch them into the cloud, fast.

Building your own apps can be daunting which is why Salesforce also gives you the option to access thousands of business application through the innovative AppExchange. These apps have the cloud infrastructure, compliance and super security you would expect from Salesforce.


3: Automated Sales Cloud Cuts Admin

Sales admin can hold up any small business. If you’re too busy sorting the paperwork out, then you are not doing what you do best: selling. With the Salesforce Sales Cloud, this process is automated allowing you and your team to win sales and drive growth.

The Sales Cloud allows you to easily track contacts, important deals, sales performance and your interaction with customers. The software also gives you up-to-the-minute insights using dashboards and reports allowing you to keep on top of your important sales information constantly.


4: Effective Customer Service

Working alongside the Sales Cloud is the Service Cloud which is aimed to drive customer satisfaction to its absolute maximum. With a simple set up, you can bring customer enquiries from multiple sources (email, social & phone) into one easy-to-use system allowing you to route those enquiries in the right direction, immediately.

With your customer base placed into one bespoke dashboard, you can create an effective knowledge base allowing your agents to provide the correct answers every time. The option to allow your customers to quickly find their own answers via a self-service site or user community is also available.


5: Find New Customers With Ease

Every business is looking for new customers but spreading the word effectively can be a challenge. With the Salesforce Marketing Cloud the platform can help get your business noticed, assist in capturing new leads and, most importantly, will keep your sales team happy as new business comes in.

The revolutionary intelligent marketing automation can turn cold leads into sales-ready opportunities. It can also help create the most engaging of emails for your customers with excellent and dynamic content to increase their effectiveness, helping them become more than just another marketing email for the inbox.


At Purus, we offer Salesforce training, development and implementation of numerous marketing and business industries. For more information at on how Salesforce implementation can help grow your business, please get in touch with our team.

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