Introducing Salesforce Loyalty Management

What is Salesforce Loyalty Management?

Loyalty programmes are designed to do exactly that – build loyalty. They allow companies to build trust and create long term relationships with their customers. But they are often outdated and left on the back burner to deal with at a later date. This could create a disconnect with your members, who may lose interest over time.


Gone are the days of signing up ‘just because’.  As a business, you need to offer more. This brand new product from Salesforce allows companies to evolve with industry trends and create a programme that means you can bank on your customers’ loyalty for years to come.


What are the benefits?


Update and evolve  

If you’re currently offering a points-based reward programme, Salesforce Loyalty Management will help you update your current loyalty programme in line with the latest technology system or shift to an experience or product based programme. Each process can be tailored to increase productivity and set you apart from the competition. A strong loyalty programme can transform your current stagnant system into a thriving programme that rewards loyal customers and attracts many more.


It’s flexible

Flexibility is key to any loyalty programme. Trends come and go, and customers’ needs change. Salesforce can implement Loyalty Management for B2B and B2C customers that fits seamlessly into the current Salesforce Platform, but it’s flexible too. It can be designed and customised to suit your business and allows you to personalise the customer experience. Whether you offer tiered membership, points, or discounts, you can easily configure the Salesforce programme to your exact requirements. Take advantage of your local amenities or offer tickets to big events – choose what works for you.


Customer insight

Salesforce Loyalty Management gives you a comprehensive insight into customers’ data including their purchase history, website visits, and marketing clicks, giving you invaluable information about your market. Businesses can measure loyalty programme performance and send customers personalised content based on their activity, including tailored emails and notifications. It’s easy for customers to sign up too, as Loyalty Management is integrated into the Salesforce Customer 360, meaning customers can sign up quickly through Salesforce Experience Cloud.


Industry ready

Salesforce pride themselves on supporting a wide range of industries and this new product is no different. Salesforce Loyalty Management supports various sectors, including retail, consumer goods, manufacturing, travel, and hospitality. If your company has a loyalty programme, Salesforce Loyalty Management can offer a system that will revolutionise your loyalty programme and create an effective and efficient system that uses clicks, not code, to offer a seamless customer experience.


Salesforce Loyalty management benefits both you and your customers. The programmes that work are those that offer customers real reward, simply by continuing to do what they normally would. Take a moment to think about how many loyalty programmes you’re signed up to, and if they still work for you.


As always, Purus are here to help. Just get in touch if you have any questions, or want to find out more.

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