TLM Laser Introduction

TLM Laser Ltd are a service lead company providing laser systems for marking, cutting and welding, laser safety eyewear, service and spare parts. They offer a complete range of laser products from some of the leading names in laser technology. Alltec, Foba, Innolas, Univet, Bofa, ALPHA LASER, Coherent Laser Machining and Swisstec Micromachining are names immediately recognised globally within the laser industry for the highest quality and outstanding customer service

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The Solution

The system was reconfigured to firstly improve the user experience, ensuring that they only had the relevant fields displayed along with a more intuitive page layout per process. The Products and Asset objects were utilised and incorporated into the existing build and process flow.

Refresher training for end-users and an introduction to the new configuration was provided in both training and workshop format to ensure that the system was fully bedded in with the team. In addition to the end-user training, Purus provided admin training so TLM could self-serve on a day to day basis, covering reports and dashboards, the basics of Salesforce customisation and process builder.

The Results

An improved user experience proven by the increased usage stats. Improved reporting and visibility of stock, with a full customer history of purchases and assets.